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Golden State Still Open as 2020 NBA Championship Favorites After Klay Thompson Tears ACL in Series-Ending Loss

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Is the reign of Steph Curry and the Golden State Warriors at an end? The sportsbooks don't think so. Both Bovada and BetOnline list the Warriors as the chalk to win the 2020 NBA championship. Photo from @nba (Twitter).
  • Despite their loss to the Toronto Raptors in the NBA Finals, Golden State is still favored to be 2020 champs
  • Bovada lists the Warriors as the +300 chalk
  • BetOnline puts Golden State as the +400 betting choice to win it all next season

Are the Golden State Warriors done like dinner? Not according to the sportsbooks.

The Toronto Raptors beat the Warriors Thursday in Game 6 of the NBA Finals to with their first title.

Within hours, Bovada and BetOnline were out quickly with odds on the 2020 NBA season. Both sportsbooks expect Golden State to rebound.

2020 NBA Championship Odds

Team Odds at Bovada Odds at BetOnline
Golden State Warriors +300 +400
Milwaukee Bucks +600 +450
Los Angeles Lakers +750 +800
Houston Rockets +1000 +1200
Toronto Raptors +1000 +800
New York Knicks +1500 +3300
Boston Celtics +1800 +2000
Los Angeles Clippers +1800 +1600
Philadelphia 76ers +1800 +1600
Denver Nuggets +2500 +2500
Brooklyn Nets +2500 +2000

*Odds taken 06/14/19. Follow links for complete list

BetOnline has the Warriors as the +400 betting choice to be next season’s champion. Bovada likes Golden State even more at favored odds of +300 in their NBA Championship odds.

Is Golden State Entering the Golden Years?

Generally, when the end comes for a sports dynasty, the fall isn’t pretty. There isn’t a slow and steady decline. Usually, great teams suddenly plummet off a cliff.

After winning four Stanley Cups in a row from 1980-83, the New York Islanders were swept in the 1984 final by the Edmonton Oilers.

The Isles have been trying to get back to the Cup final ever since.

The Los Angeles Lakers played in seven NBA Finals between 2000-10, winning five of them. Then Showtime was canceled without further notice.

Broken Down and Beaten

It wasn’t just that Golden State got beat by the Raptors. It was the way that the Warriors were beaten. They broke down and went to pieces.

Throughout the playoffs, the Warriors overcame injuries to key players like DeMarcus Cousins and Kevin Durant and kept on rolling.

In the Finals, though, the wheels came off in every direction. Subs Andre Iguodala and Kevon Looney were hurt. Durant tried to play hurt in Game 5 and ruptured his Achilles tendon. Klay Thompson, who’d also been battling through an injury, tore his ACL in Game 6.

Since the start of the 2014-15 season, the Warriors have played 433 regular-season and playoff games. How much can these guys have left in the tank?

Little Love For Raptors

Toronto’s first title doesn’t appear to have impressed many outside of #WeTheNorth.

Bovada places the Raptors as equal fourth betting choice alongside those perennial playoff failures the Houston Rockets at +1000.

The Lakers, who didn’t make the playoffs last season, are +800 to win it all.

The NBA’s Uncertain Landscape

There were indications of cracks in Golden State’s armor at times during the regular season. The Warriors endured a 2-6 skid in November and a 2-4 slide in February.

Now, those cracks look to be a seismic fault. Durant is out for the season, and realistically, with a torn Achilles, will KD ever be the same player?

Thompson will be on the sidelines until February. And both are also free agents, as is Cousins. Will any of them be back in the Bay Area at all?

The NBA is heading into its wildest summer in history. Look at the list of other free agents? Kawhi Leonard. Kyrie Irving. Kemba Walker. Nikola Vucevic. Jimmy Butler. The landscape of the Association figures to look at lot different come the first week of July.

Playing the Warriors at these odds isn’t a bet. It’s a donation.

Milwaukee looks to the best bet at this point. In reality, the wisest play here is the waiting game. The smart money will want to see how free agency shakes out.

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