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Odds Heavily Against Bang Bros Getting Naming Rights for Miami Heat Arena

Dylan Bowker

by Dylan Bowker in NBA Basketball

Updated Apr 14, 2020 · 9:35 AM PDT

Bang Bros Miami Heat Arena
The odds for Bang Bros to get the naming rights to Miami Heat Arena are a very long 10-1. Photo By @dabeeyow (Twitter)
  • American Airlines’ naming rights deal is expiring at the end of the year and change is imminent
  • Will the Miami Heat Arena bear the name of a pornographic company?
  • Will a more ahem…conventional company prevail?

Bang Bros Miami Heat Arena. A sequence of words that you might not have thought you’d read today. An adult entertainment company trying to have their name across an arena’s marquee is a delightfully 2019 kind of story. The arena has been named after the aforementioned airline since 1999 but in 2020, big change will come (phrasing).

The self-proclaimed World’s Best Porn Site is looking to, reportedly, allocate $10 million to erecting (again phrasing) a sign across the famed Florida arena. Some theorize it’s a publicity stunt but some souls are holding out hope.

Odds for Bang Bros Getting Naming Rights to Miami Heat Arena

Result Odds
No -2000
Yes +1000

*Odds taken on 09/13/2019

The goal is to rename the facility The BBC (Bang Bros Center). Which is a playful thing in and of itself. Of course, fans on social media were running with all of this. There were memes and gifs aplenty. Twitter was definitely having a lot of fun with this notion including X Pac who made playful allusions to “Monday Night Raw from the Bang Bros Center” sounding perfect.

A seal of approval from a star of WWF’s attitude era that popularized the “suck it” catchphrase illustrates the occasional poetic beauty that social media can create.

Bang Bros…More Like Bang No’s

Also, they set up a surprisingly SFW website for the center renaming bid. Bang Bros is really trying to inspire some good times and fun innuendo for basketball fans in Miami and the world at large. I mean, come on, someone named Jimmy Buckets playing at the Bang Bros Center. The thought almost brings a tear to my eye.

This is one of the more delightfully unusual things I’ve gotten to write for SBD. That being said I don’t see things panning out smoothly with this. One of the big reasons I can’t see this happening is the higher up business execs involved. I have a hard time imagining the NBA marketing family ticket packages to the Bang Bros Center for a wholesome night of bonding time. Bang Bros Miami Heat Arena just seems to be nothing more than a fanciful notion, unfortunately.


Cleveland Superlative Group (who’re handling the deal) threw a lot of cold water on the porn company’s campaign. The group told the Miami Herald that naming charges will be triple the $2 million that American Airlines was paying. This means that Bang Bros’ $10 million over ten years won’t suffice.

With the Heat officially kicking off their season on October 23 against the Memphis Grizzlies, the clock is ticking on who gets that coveted arena name. Bang Bros Miami Heat Arena will not be a thing, in my estimation.

Pick: No (-2000)

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