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Odds of Kyrie Irving & Kevin Durant Both Being Knicks in 2019-20 Set at 2-1

Kevin Durant
Will the 2018-19 NBA season be Kevin Durant's last as a Golden State Warrior? Photo by Cyrus Saatsaz (Wikimedia Commons) [CC License].
  • The New York Knicks are favored to land both Kevin Durant and Kyrie Irving according to the latest odds at BetOnline
  • Stephen A. Smith has stated that it looks like it’s a foregone conclusion that both players will end up with the Knicks
  • Will Durant really bolt 

Could the New York Knicks’ fortunes finally turn around? The team got the short end of the stick at the NBA Draft Lottery on Tuesday night but don’t fret yet, Knicks fans. They’re now the favorites to land both Kyrie Irving and Kevin Durant according to the latest odds at BetOnline.

That’s in stark contrast to early February, when both players were favored to stay with their respective teams.

Will Kevin Durant and Kyrie Irving Sign with the Knicks?

Will Durant and Irving Be on the Knicks for Game 1 of the 2019-20 Season? Odds at BetOnline
No -300
Yes +200

Warriors Are Just Fine – If Not Better – Without Durant

A bizarre twist of fate happened in the Golden State Warriors-Houston Rockets series. It wasn’t that Kevin Durant was hurt, which, of course, was unfortunate. It’s the fact that the Warriors were not only fine without him but looked like the dominant Warriors of old again.

The Warriors’ team chemistry has looked better with Durant on the sidelines.

For whatever reason, the Warriors’ team chemistry has looked better with Durant on the sidelines. The offense runs through Steph Curry, who has been lighting it up, the bench is contributing, and the defense is back to being crisp. With Durant in the lineup, it just feels like the team lets him do the work and kind of goes to sleep around him.

If Durant was thinking about leaving before, both he – and the Warriors – are probably fine with him bouncing at this point. The Warriors will have cap space to sign a bench and Durant will probably feel like he’s – again – being undervalued.

Irving is Out Too

The writing looks like its on the wall for Irving – even more so than Durant. Irving seems to have worn out his welcome in Boston and the team is also probably feeling like they can survive – or maybe even be better – without him.

Irving has rubbed his teammates the wrong way. Whether it’s by calling them out, leaving the court early in Game 4 of the Eastern Conference Semifinals or hogging the ball and being a volume shooter. This is a team that’s always been the sum of their parts and Irving has thrown off that balance. He looks like he’s gone.

Both Headed to the Knicks?

Of course, nobody really knows what these two are thinking. Irving is fairly private and so is Durant. At the same time, we are getting lots of reports out there and where there is smoke, there tends to be fire.

The latest reporting comes from Stephen A. Smith, who is well plugged in. He has gone on record as saying that it’s pretty much a foregone conclusion that the duo ends up in New York. The Knicks are willing to do whatever it takes and that includes owner James Dolan stepping back, if that’s what is requested. It’s incredible that that’s even being offered.

When you factor that along with what the oddsmakers are telling us – bumping up the Knicks’ odds to win the 2020 NBA Championship, listing the Knicks as the favorite to land Irving – one has to start doing the math. It just feels like this dynamic duo will end up in New York, so betting this prop at +200 seems like a calculated flier.

Pick: Yes (+200)

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