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40 Yards of Gold Tournament Odds: John Franklin III Listed as Favorite, Ted Ginn Jr Close Behind

Tedd Ginn Jr during his time with the Arizona Cardinals.
Tedd Ginn Jr was a much younger man when he played for the Cardinals in 2014, but the 34-year-old is still among the favorites to outsprint a host of younger competitors at the 40 Yards of Gold tournament. Photo by Jeffrey Beall (Wiki Commons) [CC License]
  • The 40 Yards of Gold (June 29th) is a sprinting tournament for the fastest players in the NFL
  • The event will pit 24 speedsters against each other in head-to-head matchups
  • Chicago Bears CB John Franklin III & New Orleans Saints WR Ted Ginn Jr have been listed as the early favorites

It’s a bar-room debate that’s been had as long as taps have flown with beer: who is the fastest player in the NFL?

We can stop debating as of June 29th with the first ever 40 Yards of Gold, a tournament-style speed contest that will answer the question once and for all.  Twelve offensive and twelve defensive players will compete and, thanks to Bookmaker, you can place bets on who will win the tournament plus several head-to-head matchups.

40 Yards of Gold Tournament Winner Odds

Player 40 Yards of Gold Odds at  BookMaker
John Franklin III +558
Ted Ginn Jr +600
Kevin Snead +610
Terrell Sinkfield +610
Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie +640
Alvin Kamara +800
Robby Anderson +816
Donte Jackson +816
Budda Baker +972
Tarik Cohen +1200
Field +600

*Odds as of 5/27. 

If you’ve never heard of the favorite on the board, John Franklin III, nobody can blame you.  After going undrafted in 2018, he signed with the Chicago Bears but was waived before ever playing a game.

He spent part of the season on the practice squad and, this season, signed a reserve/future contract.  All of that said, if you believe the stories about John Franklin III, you’re actually getting incredible value on a Usain Bolt-like freak athlete.

Franklin and his trainer claim he ran a 4.19 40-yard dash in training.  Could that be a lie? Sure. Is the competition steep? Sure.

But at +558, I think it’s more than worth sprinkling some action on a young player who has everything to gain from winning this competition.

While I do believe chasing for the title of fastest player will have many motivated, there’s no denying that a player without a full NFL contract may have a little extra in the tank when it matters most.  My money is with the Bears cornerback.

PICK: John Franklin III (+558)

First-Round Matchup

Player Odds at  BookMaker
Ted Ginn Jr -300
Jacoby Ford +220

*odds taken 5/27

Maybe my favorite bet on the board.  New Orleans Saints WR Ted Ginn Jr will take on free agent Jacoby Ford in the first round.

I love the former Ohio State Buckeye in this match up.  Despite being 34 years of age, Ginn has always been known as a burner and, unlike other players who transition to different styles as they age, he is still a deep threat into his mid 30s.

The price may look like it’s short on value, but with Ginn being such a clear favorite, I think the correct play is to pony up.  Ginn is the play here.

PICK: Ted Ginn Jr. (-300)

Offense vs Defense

Who Will Win the 40 Yards of Gold Tournament? Odds at  BookMaker
Offensive Player -135
Defensive Player +105

*odds taken 5/27

In the first prop, I said my pick was John Franklin III, a defensive player, and I don’t feel like hedging my bets.

If he doesn’t win, Washington cornerback Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie has a decent chance. DRC ran a 4.33 in his draft year and has also been clocked at 4.29.

The reality is all of these players are blazing fast, but I like two defensive players as much or more than I like anyone in this competition, so I’m happy to be getting +105.

Washington fans received some bad news this off-season with the Reuben Foster injury, but maybe  Rodgers-Cromartie winning this event could give them some positive vibes heading into the season.

PICK: Defensive Player (+105)

Anyone Faster Than 4.29?

Will Any Contestant Run Faster Than 4.29 Seconds? Odds at Bookmaker
Yes +115
No -145

*odds taken 5/27

There is a lot of pride on the line in this event.  Earning the “fastest player” title would be something any NFLer would love to have. While I don’t expect Pro Bowl-level effort, it’s entirely possible someone runs a time faster than 4.29 seconds.

The record at the NFL combine belongs to WR John Ross who posted a 4.22 back in 2017. He isn’t in the event but it still provides players with a target.

There are 15 races in the individual bracket, giving 30 chances for someone to beat this time. In addition to believing it’s possible, I also want no part of watching this event cheering for the players to run slow.

PICK: Yes (+115)

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