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Act in a Movie or Wrestle in WWE? Odds on What’s Next for Gronk

Rob Gronkowski New England Patriots tight end waving to crowd
Some believe Rob Gronkowski may have played his last game in Super Bowl 53. Photo by Jeffrey Beall (Wiki Commons).
  • The New England Patriots won Super Bowl 53 over the LA Rams 13-3
  • Rob Gronkowski may retire after winning his 3rd Super Bowl
  • The options for his post-playing career appear to be endless

Rob Gronkowski is a mega star.

He has been on the field for years and he will continue to be until he decides to hang up the cleats.  Online betting sites have released an interesting prop bet for what’s next for Gronk and it’s worth exploring where the value lies.

Odds on What’s Next for Rob Gronkowski

What Will Rob Gronkowski Do First After He Retires As An NFL Player? Odds
Act in a Movie -225
Fight in a Sanctioned WWE Match +250
Make an Alcoholic Beverage Commercial +400
Make a Zubaz Commercial +1000
Barstool Sports Employee +1400
Male Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Model +1600
Make a Tide Pods Commercial +2000
NFL Sideline Reporter +4000
MNF Announcer +5000
2020 Presidential Candidate +5000

Odds taken 2/8.

Okay, a bunch of these options are wildly entertaining.

Who wouldn’t want to see Gronk in a movie, a WWE match, or in the MNF booth? He’d be amazing at all three. But none of those are the best bet or where the value lies. Here are three options to consider before trying to make some green off Gronk.

Gronkowski the Barstool Sports Employee

This seems like a match made in heaven. The Gronkowski brand fits perfectly at Barstool Sports and you’d imagine they would welcome him with open arms.

They have relationships with many former players, including the highly-rated podcast Spittin Chiclets, which gives former NHL-ers a platform to tell the stories all fans want to hear.

Would you tune in to listen to Gronk share stories about the Patriots dynasty and his antics off the field? I think that’s a yes from everyone.

One other thing to consider here, the boys at Barstool, including founder Dave Portnoy, are big fans of everything Boston. I love this bet and I love it even more at +1400.

Gronkowski the NFL Sideline Reporter

Imagine you’re a TV executive sitting in a meeting throwing out names for who could be the next Tony Romo on a broadcast team. Could you imagine not bringing up the name Rob Gronkowski? I couldn’t.

I don’t believe his style would work well in the booth, that’s for a more polished professional, but throwing to the sidelines for quick 30-second snippets from Gronk sounds like something every broadcast would love.

The odds are long, mostly because I’m not sure if he’d want to dive right back into football again with all the options available, but it’s something worth considering.

President Gronkowski

Okay, this is the longest of long shots, but who wouldn’t be entertained by Gronk’s attempt to run for office?

Donald Trump didn’t appear to be a serious candidate until he was a serious candidate. Even if it’s just for laughs, could you not see Gronkowski declaring to run in 2020? It’s wild sure, but so is he.

What’s the Best Gronkowski post-NFL Bet?

The odds on movie or WWE fight are too slim with so many options on the board.

Taking a look at the longer shots, I can’t find anything I don’t like about Gronkowski joining the Barstool Sports staff. Hammer it and be thankful it’s paying +1400.

PICK: The First Thing Rob Gronkowski Will Do After He Retires As An NFL Player Is Join Barstool Sports (+1400)

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