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Antonio Brown vs JuJu Smith-Schuster Props: Which WR Will Have More Yards, TDs, Receptions in 2019

Antonio Brown in an Oakland Raiders uniform
BetOnline is offering series of competition prop wagers for the 2019 NFL season between Antonio Brown of the Oakland Raiders and JuJu Smith-Schuster, his former Pittsburgh Steelers teammate. Photo from @AB84 (Twitter)
  • BetOnline is offering competition prop bets between receivers Antonio Brown of the Oakland Raiders and JuJu Smith-Schuster of the Pittsburgh Steelers
  • The props cover who will have more catches, TDs and receiving yardage during the 2019 NFL season
  • Brown recently trash talked Smith-Schuster on social media platforms

JuJu Smith-Schuster recently caught flak from Antonio Brown, but will Smith-Schuster catch more passes than Brown during the 2019 NFL season?

That’s one of three prop wagers on offer from BetOnline, which is also pitting Brown of the Oakland Raiders and his former Pittsburgh Steelers teammate Schuster against each other in receiving yards and touchdowns.

Brown spent part of his Sunday talking trash about Schuster on social media.

Schuster was named Steelers MVP in 2018, even though Brown led the NFL in TD receptions.

Schuster posted a career-high last season, leading the Steelers and finishing fifth in the NFL with 1,426 in receiving yards.

Brown finished 11th in the NFL last season with 1,297 yards. He missed Pittsburgh’s last game of the season under team suspension.

Who Will Have the Most Receiving Yards in 2019?

Player Total Receiving Yards Odds at BetOnline
Antonio Brown -200
JuJu Smith-Schuster +150

*Odds taken 04/08/19

In 2017, Brown led the NFL with 1,533 receiving yards. He also led the league in 2014 and was second overall in 2015 and 2013.

In Oakland, Brown will be the Raiders’ go-to wideout. Schuster will be the same in Pittsburgh, but he’ll no longer have the protection of Brown occupying the other team’s best coverage man.

Put your money on Brown in this category.

Pick: Antonio Brown (-200)

Who Will Have the Most Pass Receptions in 2019?

Player Total Pass Receptions Odds at BetOnline
Antonio Brown -175
JuJu Smith-Schuster +135

Schuster was quick to respond to Brown’s  social media insult.

Will Schuster be able to answer Brown when it comes to pulling down more footballs than him?

Last season, Schuster caught 111 passes, tied for sixth in the NFL. Brown (104) finished ninth, but as was noted above, missed one game. And unlike Smith-Schuster, he never fumbled.

An absolute pass-catching machine. Brown’s snared no less than 101 balls in each of the past six seasons.

Brown led the NFL with 129 receptions in 2014 and shared the league lead with Julio Jones of the Atlanta Falcons in 2015, each finding themselves on the receiving end of 136 passes. Brown (168) and Smith-Schuster (166) were among the most-targeted NFL receivers in 2018, finishing 3-4 in the league in this department.

As much as the numbers point to Brown winning here, we’re going to lean toward the upset and suggest you play Smith-Schuster. No one threw the ball more than Pittsburgh QB Ben Roethlisberger (675 attempts) last season.

Oakland QB Derek Carr aired the ball out just 553 times. Tight end Jared Cook and running back Jalen Richard shared the Raiders’ team lead with 68 receptions. Among wideouts, the recently-retired Jordy Nelson led the way with 63 catches.

Pick: JuJu Smith-Schuster (+135)

Who Will Have the Most Touchdowns in 2019?

Player Total Touchdowns Odds at BetOnline
Antonio Brown -150
JuJu Smith-Schuster +110

Whether you like him or not, you can’t deny that the brash Brown takes the ball to the house as well as any receiver in the NFL.

Last season, Brown led the league with 15 TD receptions.

Schuster finished tied for 16th in the NFL, catching just seven TD passes last season, the same number he snared during his rookie campaign in 2017.

If you are determining which of these receivers is the best role model for your children, we’d suggest Smith-Schuster holds the edge there all day long. But when it comes to finding the end zone, Brown remains your best bet.

Pick: Antonio Brown (-150)

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