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Dolphins Favored to Take Kyler Murray With 13th Pick in 2019 NFL Draft

Kyler Murray Oklahoma State QB
Kyler Murray has now fully committed to playing NFL football. Photo from @RVacchianoSNY (Twitter)
  • Kyler Murray won the 2018 Heisman Trophy
  • Murray was a 1st round draft pick of the Oakland A’s (MLB) but has declared he will focus on an NFL career
  • He is projected to be the 1st or 2nd QB taken in the 2019 NFL Draft

It’s an odd time in the NFL.

There are just as many poor teams as any other year, but there aren’t as many looking for a franchise QB.  Some of the teams picking at the top of the draft already have their man, like the Cardinals in Josh Rosen and Jets with Sam Darnold.

This has raised some big questions about where the top QBs available in the draft will ultimately land. Will they drop to a lucky team who will surely see the value, or will a team get aggressive and move up?

Kyler Murray may be the biggest question mark and new odds have been released by BetOnline for his landing spot in the draft and the top guess for his destination has changed.

Kyler Murray NFL Draft Odds

Who Will Draft Kyler Murray in the 2019 NFL Draft? Pick Odds at BetOnline
Miami Dolphins 13th +150
Arizona Cardinals 1st +500
New York Giants 6th +500
Jacksonville Jaguars 7th +500
Oakland Raiders 4th +600
Tampa Bay Buccaneers 5th +1200
Washington Redskins 15th +1200
Cincinnati Bengals 11th +1400
Denver Broncos 10th +1400
Pittsburgh Steelers 20th +1400

*All odds taken 2/12

The Miami Dolphins, with their new Head Coach Brian Flores, are the clear favorite to land Murray. While that could be his new destination, there’s value in two other places on the board which are more deserving of your money.

Jacksonville Jaguars to take Kyler Murray in 1st Round?

Same state, different team, more likely option.

Jacksonville appears to be ready to move on from Blake Bortles in exactly the same way the Dolphins are ready to move on from Ryan Tannehill.  With the pieces in place on defense, the Jaguars appear to be in a much more likely position to aggressively move up the draft board to get their guy.

There’s a reason 10 different teams are listed in those odds, and even that list doesn’t cover all of teams being picked by experts. It’s hard to get a read on which teams will be willing to spend a 1st-round pick on a QB, and even tougher to gauge which teams have Murray as a 1st-round talent.

Betting on the Jaguars to roll the dice and try to hit a home run after spending the past few years with the more-than-safe Bortles seems like as good a bet as any.

Could Kyler Murray be the Alex Smith Replacement in Washington?

Another team with a glaring need at quarterback? The Washington Redskins.

After Alex Smith’s gruesome injury, it’s unclear whether he’ll ever play again, never mind at a level high enough to compete in the tough NFC East.

One issue is Washington doesn’t pick until 15th overall and based on the latest BetOnline Over-Under that could be too late to grab Murray.

Over/Under Kyler Murray’s Draft Position

Kyler Murray Draft Position Odds at BetOnline
Under 9.5 -200
Over 9.5 +150

The odds clearly favor Murray being selected in the 9 spot or earlier. That would require some serious commitment from the Redskins to move up and take Murray.

That said, he could be a perfect fit as Washington looks for their new quarterback in a division that boasts Carson Wentz, Dak Prescott, and whichever player the Giants select to replace Eli Manning (likely Dwayne Haskins from Ohio State).

Kyler Murray Will Go Early in the NFL Draft

The best bet on the board is selecting that Murray will go before the 10th pick in the draft.

You need to pay a hefty price, but it’s likely that someone will fall in love with the reigning Heisman Trophy winner and grab him early.

If you’re looking to zero in on a team, the Jaguars and/or the Redskins currently provide the best value on the board.


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