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Gardner Minshew Week 2 Props: Over/Under Passing Yards Set at 225.5

Gardner Minshew
Gardner Minshew is now the starting quarterback in Jacksonville after Nick Foles broke his clavicle in Week 1. Photo By @NFLonFOX (Twitter)
  • Rookie quarterback Gardner Minshew had no fears in his NFL debut throwing for 275 yards
  • He might find accomplishing that feat a bit more strenuous this Sunday against the JJ Watt and the Houston Texans
  • His over/under currently sits at 225 ½ but is he being underestimated?

The Jacksonville Jaguars quarterback had himself a game in a loss to the Kansas City Chiefs. No we’re not talking about Nick Foles either. Rookie quarterback Gardner Minshew set the world on fire last weekend with his passing display. Out of his 25 passes, he only misfired on three of them. He ended the day with 275 yards and a pair of touchdowns as well.

Now that Foles is out for at least the next few weeks following surgery to repair his broken clavicle that he suffered in the first quarter, Minshew is the main man for the foreseeable future.

Minshew may have looked great in his three and a half quarters of play but the oddsmakers don’t believe in him.

Gardner Minshew Week 2 Over/Under Passing Yards Odds

Total Odds at BetOnline
Over 225 ½ -120
Under 225 ½ -120

*Odds taken 09/11/2019

Minshew Is Better Than You Think

The first question that comes to mind must be, who the hell is Gardner Minshew? There might only be one game that Minshew has played in the pros but there is plenty of information on this first-year player. Coming out of Washington State, he wasn’t highly thought of since he was taken in the sixth round, but teams should have been paying closer attention.

He not only set a school record for the most wins in a season with 11, but he also broke the Pac-12 single-season record for the most passing yards. That record was previously held by current Los Angeles Rams’ star quarterback, Jared Goff.

Still, with as good as he was in college and no matter how jaw-dropping his NFL debut was, everyone needs to take a step back. Let’s not forget that Minshew played against the worst defensive unit in the entire league last season. He’ll have a bit of a harder time against his upcoming opponent, the Houston Texans.

That JJ Watt led defense did hold Drew Brees and company to just three points in the first half while also managing to get an interception out of the Super Bowl-winning quarterback while he was down in the red zone, something that seldom ever happens.

The second half wasn’t great for the Texans defense and the overall numbers are pretty ugly also. 362 passing yards to go along with 148 yards on the ground isn’t exactly something to be proud of as the flood gates just completely opened up in the second half. There is reason to believe that Minshew could do the same thing on Sunday.

Gardner Minshew vs Houston Texans Defense

Gardner Minshew Led Offense
Texans Week 1 Defense

275 Passing Yards 362
81 Rushing Yards 148

Bettors are in a difficult position. Should they believe the hype surrounding this rookie and believe that he will pass for at least 226 yards or should they go the opposite way and hope that the Texans defense will get back to normal.

Believe the hype. Kind of.

Texans Defense Won’t Know What to Expect

It’s way too early to tell if Minshew is a great quarterback. For all we know that could very well be the best game he’ll ever play, but you don’t need him to be as tremendous as he was last weekend.

Defensive coordinators do a great job of game-planning from week to week, but remember, Minshew only has one week of tape to study. His tendencies and flaws haven’t been identified just yet. Let’s also not forget about third-year running back Leonard Fournette. Last season was a forgettable one as injuries held him to just eight games and 439 yards. It’s only one week but he looked pretty good against the Chiefs. He may have totaled only 66 yards for the game but he did rush for over five yards per carry.

The Texans will likely look to stack up the box and dare Minshew to beat them with his arm. One thing is for sure, Minshew won’t be scared to take that bet as he let it rip early and often during his debut.

He won’t be as efficient as he was in his first game, and he certainly won’t walk away with the win, but you can expect Minshew to throw for over 225 yards this upcoming Sunday.

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