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Kyler Murray Now Favored to be Selected in 1st Round of 2019 NFL Draft

Kyler Murray Oklahoma QB
Kyler Murray could end up in Oakland, one way or another. Photo courtesy @247Sports (Twitter)
  • Kyler Murray has a decision to make between baseball and football
  • The 2018 Heisman Trophy winner is receiving some first-round buzz in the 2019 NFL Draft
  • See the odds of which route Murray will take

There are bad problems and there are good problems. Deciding between being an MLB star or an NFL 1st round pick would fall into the second category, and that’s exactly where Oklahoma QB Kyler Murray finds himself.

He won the 2018 Heisman Trophy as the best player in college football and was also taken 9th in the MLB Draft by the Oakland A’s.

Now he must decide whether or not to join the 2019 NFL Draft.

BetOnline and Bovada have released some interesting prop bets on Murray’s immediate future.  We’ll start with BetOnline.

Odds Murray is a 1st-Round Pick in 2019 NFL Draft

Kyler Murray Be 1st RD Pick In The 2019 NFL Draft Odds at BetOnline
Yes -200
No +150

*All odds taken 1/10

These odds have come a long way from December 6th, when Bovada had NO listed at -400 for Murray just being drafted.

But now the Oakland A’s even believe Murray will enter the 2019 NFL Draft. That fact alone has Yes (-200) as a substantial favorite.

Odds on the Round Murray is Selected in the Draft

2019 Draft Round – Kyler Murray Odds at Bovada
Round 1 -105
Round 2 +200
Round 3 +175

Not accounting for trades there are currently no less than seven teams that will be definitely, or moderately interested, in taking a QB in the 1st round.

The Giants, Jaguars, Broncos, Dolphins and Redskins are likely options, while the Patriots and Saints could potentially start looking to the future for when Tom Brady and Drew Brees won’t be around.

O/U Murray’s Draft Position

2019 NFL Draft Position – Kyler Murray Odds at Bovada
Over 28.5 -130
Under 28.5 EVEN

Murray is small at 5’10, but is entering the draft at the perfect time.

One year ago, an undersized Heisman-winning QB from Oklahoma entered the draft, went 1st-overall and will likely finish second in rookie voting behind Saquon Barkley.

Kyler Murray owes Baker Mayfield a big, big thank you.

Bovada is providing a pretty narrow window if you look at these props.

He’s favored to go in the 1st round (-105) but also to be picked Over 28.5 (-130) selections into the draft.

That puts him in Lamar Jackson territory. The Ravens QB was the last selection of the 1st round, after Baltimore made a deal with Philadelphia to get the pick.

How Many QBs Will be Taken Ahead of Murray?

How Many QBs Will Be Taken Before Kyler Murray In The 2019 NFL Draft? Odds at Bovada
Over 2.5 -125
Under 2.5 -105

Murray will have several opportunities to be taken either on the first go-around, or by a team who jumps back in to take him.

He’s likely behind Dwayne Haskins from Ohio State, Daniel Jones from Duke, and Drew Lock of Missouri on most boards, but that doesn’t exclude him from the 1st Round.

Name a good team in the NFL and I’ll name you a good QB. Teams know the need to hit home runs at that position and are willing to gamble to make it happen.

One other important thing to consider: a quarter of the league has new coaches this season. How many do you think would love to kick start their new job with a Heisman trophy winner under center?

Odds Murray Reports to Spring Training

Will Kyler Murray Report To A’s Spring Training Camp in 2019? Odds at Bovada
Yes -160
No +130

I believe Murray goes to A’s camp, but if playing major league baseball was his passion he would’ve made the decision already.

Odds Murray Plays Both Baseball and Football in 2019

Will Kyler Murray Play Professional Baseball And Football in 2019? Odds at Bovada
Yes +450
No -650

If he’s going to make it in the NFL, there is no offseason/time to play for A’s. NO is easy money here.

What Comes 1st for Murray: TD Pass or Home Run?

What Happens First For Kyler Murray Odds at BetOnline
Throws A TD Pass In The NFL -200
Hits a HR In The MLB +150

This prop has also taken a major turn since early December, when Bovada had home run in MLB listed at -500.

The flirting will end with his selection early in the NFL Draft and ultimately with the realization that to be taken seriously in the NFL, he’ll need to focus on football and football only.

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