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Mangold Makes an “If Bet” in Week 10 of Sports Betting Journey

SBD's Ambassador Nick Mangold enjoying sports at a bar
Nick Mangold learns what an "if bet" is in Week 10.
  • Nick Mangold made teaser and pleaser bets in the last two weeks and is now ready for an “if bet” in Week 10
  • The former Jets center is 4-5 on his weekly bet (-0.29 units) and 11-7 on his props (+3.00 units); he’s 15-12 overall (+2.71 units)
  • Get a quick rundown on what an “if bet” is and see which teams Mangold is picking in Week 10

Unfortunately, my pleaser bet in Week 9 didn’t go as well as my teaser bet from the previous week. The loss brings me back to the negative for the season on my weekly picks. Fortunately, my props have been good enough to have me +2.71 units overall this season.

Heading into Week 10, I’ve learned another new type of bet that I’m going to test out: an if bet.

This type of wager just ties together multiple straight bets. It differs from a parlay because each bet remains separate, so you don’t need to win them all in order to get paid. It differs from simply sticking to straight bets due to there only being action on subsequent wagers if the initial one wins.

I’m told the order of your selections is vital here, as you want the bet you’re most confident in first in the queue. And you don’t need to worry about having games in order of start times.

Here’s my first crack at an if bet.

Week 10 Picks

Matchup Pick (Odds at BetOnline) Units Risked To Win
Los Angeles Rams (-4) vs Pittsburgh Steelers LAR -4 (-112) 1 0.89 units
Buffalo Bills vs Cleveland Browns (-2.5) BUF +2.5 (+101) 1.5 1.52 units
Atlanta Falcons vs New Orleans Saints (-14) NO -14 (-103) 2 1.94 units

*All odds taken November 9

The Pittsburgh Steelers may be riding a three-game winning streak, but their opponents have been the Chargers, Dolphins, and Colts – Jacoby Brissett left the game early with an injury. The Rams are a much more quality opponent who is getting more and more desperate each week as the Niners and Seahawks keep winning.

The Browns have proven they’re not the team many expected they’d be too many times this season. Though I expect them to be playing with a real sense of urgency on Sunday, the Bills are just the better team here.

Finally, there’s no reason the Falcons should keep it close with the Saints in Week 10, even with Matt Ryan back under center.

If you’re not sold on any of these picks, see our NFL Week 10 odds to view the entire slate.

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