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Odds Say Antonio Brown Will Not Be Suspended for Sexual Assault Allegations

Antonio Brown juke
Will Antonio Brown ever suit up for the Patriots? Photo from Wiki Commons.
  • Antonio Brown has been accused of sexual assault by his former trainer
  • The NFL is strongly considering placing Brown on paid leave, according to a report
  • The odds are -1000 that AB takes the field for the Patriots this season

The saga surrounding Antonio Brown took another twist this week.

Days after being released by the Oakland Raiders, Brown is in hot water yet again. According to a lawsuit filed Tuesday in Florida, Brown is being accused of sexually assaulting his former trainer Britney Taylor.

Brown, who signed a one-year deal with the defending Super Bowl champion New England Patriots, has denied the allegations and has been focusing on the current NFL season.

Will Brown actually get to play for the Patriots or will the NFL hand the receiver a lengthy suspension for the allegations against him? “No” is coming in as the -155 favorite.

Will Antonio Brown Face a Suspension for the Allegations?

Outcome Odds
Yes +115
No -155

*Odds taken September 13

A report in the Washington Post, citing sources familiar with the situation, said that the NFL is strongly considering placing Brown on paid leave — making him ineligible to play for the Patriots if put on the commissioner’s exempt list.

If the league decides to punish or suspend Brown under the personal conduct policy, it would be without pay. But that usually happens following legal proceedings, which could take some time still.

If you are going to bet on AB facing a suspension from this, take “Yes” based on the player and his recent history.

Pick: Yes (+115)

Will Antonio Brown Ever Take the Field for the Patriots?

Outcome Odds
Yes -1000
No +500

Brown is expected to make his debut with the Patriots on the road Sunday against the Miami Dolphins (1:00 PM ET, CBS).

-1000 odds are available that Brown will take to the field for at least one game. Barring a complete turnaround that results in the league suspending AB or placing him on paid leave for the year, expect to see the seven-time Pro Bowler make his debut with New England wearing his new number 17 jersey this weekend.

The Patriots insist they were not aware Brown was involved or was facing a civil lawsuit prior to signing him to a one-year deal just a day after being released by the Raiders.

Pick: Yes (-1000).

Will Brown Post Personal Accolades After Any Pats Loss?

Outcome Odds
Yes – Post On Social Media -185
No – Does Not Post Anything +145

Whether it’s taking a video during a post-game talk in the locker-room or recording a phone call involving a serious conversation with the head coach, Brown has never been shy about posting his life on social media.

The Patriots may have other feelings towards how AB goes about his day-to-day on social platforms. The line here is at -185 that Brown will at some point post about his personal accolades following a Pats loss.

While Brown would be more likely to do so in the past, the Patriots have created a culture that he will have to abide by.

Pick: Does not post anything (+145)

Will Brown Throw a Ball to Tom Brady After a Disagreement?

Outcome Odds
Yes +900
No -1500

If there’s one unwritten rule in the NFL, it’s not to disrespect the GOAT.

AB has never really had an on-field temper. A lot of his antics have come off the field or on social media.

So while it may be tempting to take the +900 odds that Brown throws a football to Tom Brady after a disagreement between the two, it’s more likely not to happen.

Pick: No (-1500)

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