Odds Against Eli Manning Playing in 2020; Retirement Favored at -300

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What does the future hold for Eli Manning? Photo by Keith Allison [CC License].
  • The odds of Eli Manning coming back as Giants starter are +400
  • The two-time Super Bowl champion wants to find starting job in 2020, ESPN reports
  • Is there value on Eli getting a backup job elsewhere at +1600?

What does the future hold for Eli Manning?

The two-time Super Bowl champion quarterback will be a free agent at the end of the season and his time with the New York Giants is, likely, coming to an end.

Sportsbooks have released odds on whether Manning will play another season or retire in 2020, with retirement coming in as the heavy -300 favorite.

Is there any value in betting on Manning playing another season, either with the Giants or elsewhere? Here’s a closer look at the odds.

Odds on Eli Manning’s 2020 Team/Role

Outcome Odds
Retire -300
Starter for Giants +400
Starter for another team +500
Backup for Giants +1200
Backup for another team +1600

Odds taken on Dec. 11

Manning returned to the field in Week 14, making his first start with the Giants since Week 2, dropping a 23-17 decision to the Philadelphia Eagles. Overall, Manning had a solid performance despite the loss — throwing for 203 yards, two touchdowns, and no interceptions.

With Daniel Jones sidelined with an ankle sprain, it’s likely Manning will get at least one more start in a Giants uniform.

Manning Hopeful To Play In 2020

According to an ESPN report, Manning will look to play in 2020, even if that means suiting up for another NFL team for the first time in his career.

“You miss being part of the action and practicing and all that,” Manning told ESPN.

The question is whether Manning is still a capable No. 1 quarterback or suited more for a backup role.

Sportsbooks are offering +400 odds Manning returns to be the starting QB for the Giants. This is an unlikely scenario since the G-Men have already handed the ball to quarterback-of-the-future Jones.

Perhaps a more intriguing wager is Manning joining another team as a starter, which comes in at +500 odds. Of course, this would have to be a team that is in need of a veteran QB or an upgrade at the position.

Could A Team Use Manning As A Backup Next Season?

The odds get longer from here, with Manning being the Giants backup next season at +1200 and a backup elsewhere at +1600.

Manning would likely fit in better on a team to mentor a young quarterback, other than Jones of course. There are many teams in the league that would love to have a reliable QB like Manning as their backup.

One of those teams could be the Chicago Bears, who are losing confidence in Mitchell Trubisky with each passing day. At the very least, bringing Manning into Chicago to put pressure on Trubisky could turn the tide for the struggling QB.

Bet on Manning coming back in a backup role in 2020, but one that could transition into a starting job for the future Hall of Fame pivot.

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