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Odds Heavily Favor Mike Tomlin Returning as Steelers Head Coach in 2019

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The Pittsburgh Steelers missed the playoffs for the first time since the 2013 NFL season. Photo By Steelcityhobbies. (Flickr) [CC License]
  • The Pittsburgh Steelers finished the 2018 NFL season 9-6-1 and missed the playoffs 
  • The Steelers lost four of their last six games
  • Regardless, BetOnline is offering a prop bet favoring Mike Tomlin to return in 2019 as Pittsburgh’s head coach

Here’s why it’s good to be Mike Tomlin: since 1969, there have been nine Presidents of the United States, five Roman Catholic Popes, and three head coaches of the Pittsburgh Steelers.

When you think about it, being Pope and being coach of the Steelers are quite similar. There are only two ways you can lose your job – retire or die.

Chuck Noll was on the job from 1969-91, winning four Super Bowls. Bill Cowher followed from 1992-2006, also winning a Super Bowl. And Tomlin has been at the helm since 2007, also winning a Super Bowl.

No wonder that even though the Steelers spit the bit down the stretch and coughed up the AFC North title to the Baltimore Ravens, BetOnline favors Tomlin to be retained as coach of Pittsburgh’s NFL squad.

Odds Mike Tomlin is Coach of Steelers in 2019 Season

Will Mike Tomlin be Coach of the Pittsburgh Steelers in Week 1 of 2019 NFL Season? Odds at BetOnline
Yes -1000
No +500

*Odds taken 1/4

The last Steelers head coach to be fired was Bill Austin following a 2-11-1 season in 1968.

History Is On Tomlin’s Side

The Steelers are a team that doesn’t like to inflict dramatic change.

They were still relying on trap plays to move the ball when everyone else was jumping aboard the West Coast Offense train. No wonder then that few see it likely that Tomlin will be dismissed.

Tomlin is one of six current NFL head coaches to lead his team to a Super Bowl triumph. Prior to 2018, he’d made the playoffs the four previous seasons and in eight of his 12 seasons in charge.

He’s 123-64-1 all-time.

That Being Said, 2018 Was A Mess

There was plenty of turmoil to go around in Pittsburgh this season.

Running back Le’Veon Bell sat out the season in a contract dispute. Wide receiver Antonio Brown feuded with quarterback Ben Roethlisberger and went public to air his grievances.

Many lay the blame for these issues at Tomlin’s feet.

Though you can bet on him being retained, Tomlin will clearly start 2019 on the clock. Remember, the Green Bay Packers had never fired a coach in-season until they dismissed Mike McCarthy this season.

If things don’t change in Pittsburgh, count on 2019 being Tomlin’s last kick at the can.

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