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Early Favorite for Weirdest Prop Bet of 2020 Super Bowl: Will J-Lo Show “Butt Cleavage”?

Jake Mitchell

by Jake Mitchell in NFL Football

Updated Apr 13, 2020 · 8:04 AM PDT

Jennifer Lopez
Will J-Lo's butt make an appearance during the SB halftime show? Photo by Ana (Flickr)
  • Of the oddball Super Bowl props, whether or not Jennifer Lopez will show “butt cleavage” during her performance may be the weirdest
  • Odds are -1000 that we won’t see “butt cleavage” from J-Lo on Super Bowl Sunday
  • This is just one of many crazy props on the board for the big game

Aside from the game itself, Super Bowl Sunday always provides bettors will a wild array of prop bets to get action on.

Perhaps the wildest prop for Super Sunday this year is whether or not halftime performer Jennifer Lopez will show “butt cleavage” during her set.

Odds Jennifer Lopez Shows Butt Cleavage During SB Show

Outcome Odds
No -1000
Yes +500

Odds taken Jan 20th

What Is Butt Cleavage?

Butt cleavage is described as “minor exposure of the buttocks and the intergluteal cleft between them, often because of low-rise pants”. If you’re still unsure as to what “butt cleavage” is, you may also know it by the name “plumber’s butt”.

The difference between the two terms really just comes down to personal taste.  While “plumber’s butt” has a negative connotation, “butt cleavage” is an actual fashion choice that has been profiled in several large publications.

It’s no secret that the butt is a big part of J-Lo’s act. In 2014, she released a single called “Booty”, and has a rocking body for a woman now in her 50’s.


Any Value on “Yes”?

While the butt may play a large role in the J-Lo experience, “butt cleavage” is actually not typical at a live concert. Lopez’ typical concert attire is a one-piece outfit in which, yes, the butt is put on display, but it is usually not “butt cleavage” that is featured. Instead, it is the buttocks that are featured the most prominently.


This all may sound a bit ridiculous, but at +500, it may be seriously tempting to look for a big payout on this prop that does involve such a butt-centric entertainer. Unfortunately, at -1000 in the other direction, there isn’t much value in going “no” here either. In this case, the best bet is to stay away from the “butt cleavage” prop involving Jennifer Lopez on Super Bowl Sunday.

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