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The “Oddcast” Not-Podcast: Just Week 10 Picks

Sorry, oh faithful listeners! There will be no taste of the sweet voices of Eric and Sascha this week. With a rash of injuries across the NFL, Sascha was recently called upon to try out for the opening as the Patriots new third-down running back. However, upon arrival, he realized he had forgotten his cleats and Bill Belichick yelled at him: it was the greatest moment of his life.

Meanwhile, Eric started a Kickstarter campaign to purchase the San Diego Chargers. Despite reaching his goal of $48, his bid was unsuccessful after being told by the league an alley behind Carl’s Jr. is not a legitimate venue for an NFL team.

Or perhaps in reality, the guys just forgot that recording day fell on a holiday this week. Either way, they don’t want to deprive you of their fantastic picks, so here they are! They’ve stuck to the standard format of both picking the Primetime games and divvying up the rest (because they’re kinda lazy and don’t want to research every matchup).

And tune in next week when the guys are back to their regularly scheduled shenanigans!

Eric’s Week 10 Picks: (5-3-1 ATS last week)

  • Buffalo (+3) over NY Jets
  • Jacksonville (+6) over Baltimore (two-team tease)
  • New Orleans (-1) over Washington
  • Detroit (+12) over Green Bay
  • Carolina (-6) over Tennessee (two-team tease)
  • Denver (-6) over Kansas City
  • NY Giants (+7.5) over New England
  • Arizona (+3) over Seattle
  • Cincinnati (-10.5) over Houston

Sascha’s Week 10 Picks: (5-3-1 ATS last week)

  • NY Jets¬†(-3) over Buffalo
  • St. Louis (-7) over Chicago
  • Miami (+7) over Philadelphia
  • Cleveland (+5) over Pittsburgh
  • Oakland (-3) over Minnesota
  • Dallas (+1.5) over Tampa Bay
  • New England (-7.5) over NY Giants
  • Seattle (-3) over Arizona
  • Cincinnati (-10.5) over Houston

If you simply can’t go a week without hearing Sascha and Eric’s dulcet tones, check out last week’s episode here.

(Photo Credit: Greg Buch|FFSwami.com (Originally uploaded to Flickr)[https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-sa/2.0/].)

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