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The “Oddcast” Podcast: Episode 11, Week 9 NFL Picks

…………….. (This represents speechlessness.)

Well, that was a crazy ol’ week of football! Sascha and Eric try to recap all the stories coming out of an insane Week 8 in the NFL, including injuries, perfect teams, and a surprising new favorite in the AFC Wild Card race. Then the guys hold yet another round of funerals for four more “deceased” teams. All this precedes another round of picks against the spread.

Sure, Eric’s Week 8 picks sucked again, but you saw last weekend! Who could have called a shootout like that in New Orleans? Or the Colts rallying back in Carolina? Or the Bears losing? Actually, I think most people saw that last one coming …


For last week’s podcast, just follow this conveniently placed link.

(Photo Credit: Mike Morbeck (Originally posted to Flickr)[https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-sa/2.0/])

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