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The “Oddcast” Podcast: Episode 13, Week 12 NFL Picks

Sascha returns! Kind of…

Once again Eric is hosting the Oddcast by himself. But in between confusing hip-hop artists and issuing apologies, he is joined by Sascha over the phone to discuss if the Bengals are in any real danger (9:00 min) before breaking down their game against the Rams as well as Steelers-Seahawks (15:00), Vikings-Falcons (17:30), and Pats-Broncos (21:50).

Then, like the great tag-team of the Dudley Boyz, Sascha steps out and Dirty taps in (28:30). The guys go on to discuss the Bears-Packers (34:00), as well as some favorite Brett Favre memories; Bills-Chiefs (43:45); and the terrible Monday-Nighter (55:00).

All this leads to an Oddcast first, previewing a CFL game (1:00:00)! With the 103rd Grey Cup going on in Winnipeg this Sunday, which team is the play; the Ottawa RedBlacks or the Edmonton Eskimos? It’s pretty clear these guys don’t know.

Whether you’re stuck at work or a family Thanksgiving, pop in the Oddcast and enjoy some ridiculous football talk!


Eric’s Picks: Lions (-2.5), Panthers (-1), Bears (+8), Rams (+9), Steelers (+4), Vikings (+1), Bills (+6), Redskins (+3), Raiders (-2), Jaguars (-4), Buccaneers (+3), Cardinals (-10), Patriots (-3), Browns (-3), OTTAWA (+7)

Sascha’s Picks: Rams (+9), Steelers (+4), Vikings (+1), Broncos (+3)

Dirty’s Picks:  Panthers (-1), Bears (+8), Jets (-3.5), Bills (+6), Redskins (+3), EDMONTON (-7)


(Photo Credit: Eric Thompson)

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