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The “Oddcast” Podcast: Episode 48, NFL 2016 Week 13 Picks

Entering the last month of the regular season, our fearless hosts have their updated records against the spread, and the news is good across the board. Sascha, Matt, and Eric are killing it this year, particularly when they agree on games, which happens a surprising amount as they preview Week 13 and focus on the Chiefs at Falcons, Buccaneers at Chargers, and Giants at Steelers.

There’s also another classic speed round, where Eric finds a new way to show how terrible Brock Osweiler is, Matt has to choose between Matt Barkley or Colin Kaepernick, and Sascha has to scramble after forgetting about one of his games.


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Eric’s Picks: ATL (-3.5), SD (-3.5), NYG (+6), PHI (-1), GB (-6.5), DEN (-4.5), NYJ (+2)

Matt’s Picks: ATL (-3.5), SD (-3.5), NYG (+6), SF (+1.5), NE (-13.5), WAS (+2.5), SEA (-6)

Sascha’s Picks: ATL (-3.5), SD (-3.5), NYG (+6), DAL (-3.5), DET (+5), OAK (-3), BAL (-3)

Want to learn how our records got so awesome? You can find last week’s episode here.

Photo Credit: Brook Ward (Flickr)[https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-nc/2.0/]

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