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Tyrann Mathieu vs Landon Collins: Odds to Record More Interceptions in 2019

Landon Collins safety
Former Giants safety Landon Collins has signed with the Washington Redskins in free agency. Photo from @DMVFollowers (Twitter)
  • You can bet on whether Tyrann Mathieu or Landon Collins will have more interceptions in 2019
  • Mathieu has better coverage and ball skills and should be forced to defend more pass attempts
  • Who will record more INT in 2019?

Just a year after NFL front offices seemingly devalued the safety position, General Managers are back to paying top dollar for defensive backs, handing out cash like candy on Halloween.

Landon Collins was the first domino to drop, scoring a massive contract from the Redskins, followed by Tyrann Mathieu, AKA Honey Badger, who cashed in with the Chiefs .

Both players are heading to teams that ranked in the bottom half of the NFL in total defense, and you can wager on whether Mathieu or Collins will have more interceptions next season.

Odds to Record More Interceptions in 2019

Player Odds at BetOnline
Tyrann Mathieu -150
Landon Collins +120

*Odds taken March 12.

Neither player is considered a ball hawk, with Mathieu having 13 career interceptions compared to eight for Collins.

Honey Badger, however, should have plenty more opportunities given the team he now plays for, and their opponents propensity to throw against them.

Mathieu vs Collins INT by Season


2 2013
1 2014
5 2015 1
1 2016 5
2 2017 2
2 2018 0

KC Forces the Most Pass Attempts in the NFL

In 2018, the Chiefs faced an NFL-high 632 pass attempts, 95 more than the Redskins.

With KC expected to be one of the highest scoring teams again next season, opponents will need throw at a higher clip if they have any chance to keep pace. More pass attempts means more chances for Matthieu to make plays like this.

The Redskins by contrast, don’t look like anything that resembles a contender, and if they spend the majority of the season playing from behind, it will limit the chances Collins has at picking off passes.

Mathieu is Worth the Money

Mathieu is significantly better in coverage according to Pro Football Focus and has defended 50% more pass than Collins in his career.

He has a higher career interception rate and will be playing in a more favorable situation to rack up picks.  Mathieu is a slam dunk play even at -150.

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