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Connor McDavid Heavily Favored to Be Named 2019 NHL All-Star Game MVP

Connor McDavid
Connor McDavid is expected to shine brightest at the 2019 NHL All-Star Game. Photo by Connor Mah (flickr) [CC License].
  • BetOnline expects Connor McDavid to win MVP honors at this weekend’s NHL All-Star Game
  • Is the Oilers star really the best bet available? 
  • How will Johnny Gaudeau perform on hockey’s brightest stage? 

Connor McDavid is a good bet to score in every hockey game he plays and the All-Star game in San Jose is no exception. With his offensive prowess in mind BetOnline has made McDavid a heavy favorite to bring home the MVP.  Here’s a breakdown for McDavid’s chances of capturing the MVP, along with three other players that could be worth your action:

2019 NHL All-Star Game MVP Odds

Who Will Be Named MVP of the 2019 NHL All-Star Game? Odds at BetOnline (01/25/19)
Connor McDavid (PAC) +500
Nikita Kucherov (ATL) +900
Auston Matthews (ATL) +900
Sidney Crosby (MET) +1000
Nathan Mackinnon (CEN) +1000
Johnny Gaudeau (PAC) +1000
Elias Pettersson (PAC) +1200
John Tavares (ATL) +1200
Claude Giroux (MET) +1400
Mark Scheifele (CEN) +1400
Cam Atkinson (MET) +1600
Mikko Rantanen (CEN) +1600
Patrick Kane (CEN) +1600
Brent Burns (PAC) +1600
Erik Karlsson (PAC) +1600
Steven Stamkos (ATL) +2000
Leon Draisaitl (PAC) +2000
Joe Pavelski (PAC) +2000

Connor McDavid (+500)

The NHL All-Star Game is a three-on-three contest with little to no defense being played. McDavid takes advantage of NHL teams and defenses with five players on the ice while they try their hardest to stop him. This game is specifically designed to showcase the skills McDavid has in spades: speed and scoring finish.

He’s putting up another fantastic season with 73 points in 49 games at the break.  There’s also the turmoil that could ramp up McDavid’s intensity in the All-Star Game.  He spent media day answering question after question about the recently fired Peter Chiarelli and his future in Edmonton.

The best way to stop the noise? Change the conversation with an MVP worthy performance. The price is steep though, he’s paying only +500 in a game that has 40 of the best players in the world (assuming a goalie doesn’t somehow capture the MVP).

Johnny Gaudreau (+1000)

My choice for league MVP at the All-Star break is getting decent odds for MVP. Since December 4th, Gaudreau leads the league in scoring with 42 points. He is on a James Harden-like tear offensively. He’s shifty, fast and skilled, all great things in this format. He’s also on the same team as McDavid, Brent Burns and Erik Karlsson.

As bad as the Pacific Division has been as a whole this season, when you cherry pick the best players it becomes a loaded lineup for the All-Star Game. One other reason to cheer for Johnny Hockey? If he beats McDavid for the MVP,  he can give us another great dance celebration.

Elias Pettersson (+1200)

Elias Pettersson is running away with the Calder Trophy. He’s been dominant in his first season with the Canucks tallying 45 points in 40 games. The All-Star Game is often a coming out party and I could see Pettersson putting up a performance like Dany Heatley did in 2003.

Just like Gaudreau and McDavid, Pettersson is part of the loaded Pacific Division team that is likely to score goals in bunches. He’s a good bet to cement his status as one of the games young stars in San Jose.

Steven Stamkos (+2000)

Steven Stamkos is in cruise control playing for the soon-to-be President’s Trophy winners in Tampa. He’s been overshadowed by Nikita Kucherov, Victor Hedman and even goaltender Andrei Vasilevskiy, but he’s in the middle of a great season.

The one part of Stamkos’ game that has slipped slightly since his injuries is his skating speed, but they’re playing three-on-three where it’s more about position, creativity, and space.

Stamkos is on pace to finish with 95 points which would tie his career-high. He’s playing on a team with Kucherov, Auston Matthews and John Tavares. Like the Pacific Division, the Atlantic is likely to score and score often as well.

The one part of Stamkos’ game that has slipped slightly since his injuries is his skating speed, but they’re playing three-on-three where it’s more about position, creativity, and space. At +2000 he’s definitely providing great value at the very least.

Final Verdict

Picking an MVP winner on rosters this talented could feel a little bit like throwing a dart at a board, but I’d consider two things when making a play: Who has buzz entering the game that will garner him extra attention, and who has the unique skill set to separate themselves from their big-name teammates? Johnny Gaudreau checks both of the boxes and is the best play on the board for my money.

PICK: Johnny Gaudreau will win All-Star Game MVP (+1000)

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