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Flames Are Odds-On Favorites to Win Pacific; Value in the Sharks?

Johnny Gaudreau
Johnny Gaudreau leads the Flames this season with 77 points. Photo by mark6mauno (flickr) [CC License].
  • The Calgary Flames are heavily favored to win the Pacific Division
  • The Flames were available at +550 back in late September
  • Is there value in betting on the San Jose Sharks?

The Calgary Flames are scorching hot. They’re flaming hot. They’re charbroiled hot! They are, in fact, every flame, ember, or smoke pun you can think of. They’ve been on a tear since November and have already had nine multi-game win streaks this season.

They’re 22-10-2 against Western opponents and are 17-5-5 on home ice. The city of Calgary keeps talking about a new stadium, but by all accounts, this one seems to be working just fine. The proof of that is in the 2019 Pacific Division odds at Bovada.

2019 NHL Pacific Division Odds

Team Odds to Win the Pacific Division at  Bovada (02/08/19)
Calgary Flames -210
San Jose Sharks +170
Vegas Golden Knights +750
Vancouver Canucks +9000
Arizona Coyotes +10000
Edmonton Oilers +10000
Anaheim Ducks +15000
Los Angeles Kings +20000

The Downside

Well, to be honest, this really only affects you if you decided to wait on the Flames chances this season. You see you could have had the Flames at +550 just a few months ago.

Yes, it be true! The Calgary Flames, who seem to have had a stranglehold on this division and have been sitting atop the Pacific Ocean for what seems like months, were once a gift horse that would’ve been paying big dollars. However, now that the ship has sailed and the price has gone up, is there still value in betting on red?

Investing in Cowtown

This team is currently tied with Montreal as the only two clubs in the league with seven comeback wins after trailing through two periods. They are also getting continued production from their stars. These two traits show resilience; something that is extremely key with just three months remaining.

Does all of this add up to money in your pocket though? Well, lets do the math. Aside from their upcoming four game road run through a few tough Eastern opponents (Tampa Bay and Pittsburgh), they still have 14 games against teams that are currently under .500 – seven of which are from the Pacific division. All things considered, that’s a pretty good deal.

Calgary still has 14 games against teams that are currently under .500.

Enter the Shark Tank

Given Calgary’s past few months of production and the last 343 words of this article, the Flames seem like the safest bet to walk away with the division. However, if you’re thinking you’d like to find a better payday, your next best bet may be swimming inside the reef soon enough.

The San Jose Sharks are currently riding a four-game win streak and are 7-3-0 in their last 10. The teal on black also have the best home record in the league at 18-4-4 with 15 more contests to go at the SAP Center. The team also has the luxury of facing sub .500 teams another nine times this season.

The San Jose Sharks are currently riding a four-game win streak and are 7-3-0 in their last 10.

At +170 and just a mere three points back of the division lead, there certainly could be a better payout in the Pacific. You just have to swim a little deeper.

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