Head-to-Head Odds on NHL Arena Sponsors’ Stock Prices on March 17

Stock Market prices on the board
How will the stocks of the major sponsors of NHL arenas perform on Tuesday, March 17th? Photo by AhmadArdity.
  • The Dow Jones Industrial Average was at 29,348 on February 19th but fell as low as 21,200 last Thursday
  • Airlines, cruises and restaurants will all face big headwinds as travel bans and quarantines ramp-up
  • Which stocks will perform well through the coronavirus outbreak and which ones will suffer?

The stock market has been in the midst of a rollercoaster ride as the coronavirus pandemic is wreaking havoc worldwide. Friday was a good day as the United States government injected about $1.5 trillion into the markets but Monday has been a bloodbath.

Today prop odds were posted as to how stocks will do tomorrow, pitting major sporting NHL arena sponsors and partners against each other. Let’s take a closer look at the props and see where there’s value on the board.

Yum! Brands vs American Airlines Stock Price Odds

What Stock Will Have the Better Daily Percentage Change on March 17? Odds
Arizona Coyotes Corporate Arena Sponsor Yum! Brands -120
Dallas Stars Arena Sponsor American Airlines -120

All odds taken Mar. 16

American Airlines’ stock price has been hammered in the last month as they were trading just shy of $30 in the middle of February but are now barely above $14. It’s going to get a lot worse for airlines as Alitalia already went bankrupt, Norwegian Air has fired 40% of their staff and most travel numbers show a 70% decline in flights.

Yum! Brands is a company that owns a number of fast food chains, including KFC, Taco Bell, Pizza Hut and WingStreet. They’re also likely to see lower revenues as diners will have to pause their visits inside the stores but many of these outlets have drive-through and delivery. Sit-down orders will be down but takeout will be up.

Between these two, it’s a no-brainer as airlines are going to need bailouts. While restaurants are also taking a beating, these types of places that have low cost for labor and still can offer takeout and drive-through will be fine.

Pick: Yum! Brands

Uber vs Trust Financial Stock Price Odds

What Stock Will Have the Better Daily Percentage Change on March 17? Odds
Detroit Red Wings Arena Partner Uber -120
Florida Panthers Arena Sponsor Truist Financial -120

Uber has been hammered fairly hard by the COVID-19 news as they were trading at about $40 per share in the middle of February and are now down to about $20. It’s likely going to get much worse for them in the coming days and weeks.

Remember, Uber relies on people going out, taking rides and getting from place to place. Not only is it used by people who get to and from work, but it’s also an important outlet on weekends when people go out and then need a ride home. The other major factor here is with travel slowing worldwide, they’re going to suffer even more.

Truist Financial, which is a bank holding company, has also had a rough ride, going from about $54 per share down to about $27 in just over a month’s time but I’m of the opinion that banks will be fine here. Goldman Sachs had an emergency call on Sunday and in short, said they’re not too worried about banks.

I’d expect Uber to be the harder of the two hit – especially since quarantines and lockdowns are just getting started in the United States.

Pick: Truist Financial

Toronto-Dominion Bank vs American Electric Power Stock Price Odds

What Stock Will Have the Better Daily Percentage Change on March 17? Odds
Boston Bruins Arena Sponsor Toronto-Dominion Bank -120
Columbus Blue Jackets Corporate Partner American Electric Power -120

TD Bank’s stock price has been on a wild ride the last five days as they were over $44.50 but also as low as about $36. Right now, it’s sitting at about the $39 range. Overall, I don’t expect them to be worried too much as banks should be on solid ground throughout this crisis.

As far as American Electric Power Company, I’m also not expecting them to be impacted all that much. They’ve sort of dived with the rest of the market, going from about $105 to $85 over the last month, but utility companies are typically very stead in downturns.

With that in mind, this is one that I don’t see a real edge either way, so I wouldn’t bet on this.

Scotiabank vs Madison Square Garden Company Stock Price Odds

What Stock Will Have the Better Daily Percentage Change on March 17? Odds
Calgary Flames Arena Sponsor Scotiabank -120
New York Rangers Arena Sponsor Madison Square Garden -120

Both of these companies are going to be impacted by the coronavirus but in general, banks are in pretty good shape these days. They’re well-capitalized, in comparison to 2008, and will make it through this tough spell fairly smoothly. Of course, credit card spending and lending will be down but they’ll still make money.

Madison Square Garden company has already taken a sizable hit in the last month as they’re down about six percent. Expect that to grow as they’re not going to be able to host baseball games, NHL games or any type of concerts. As a result, I’d stick with Scotiabank with this prop.

Pick: Scotiabank

Rogers vs Capital One Stock Price Odds

What Stock Will Have the Better Daily Percentage Change on March 17? Odds
Edmonton Oilers Arena Sponsor Rogers -120
Washington Capitals Arena Sponsor Capital One -120

Rogers stock price is down about five percent over the last month but that’s actually not too bad. When you consider the overall market has had about 20% dive (probably more now), Rogers is actually doing quite well. With this particular prop, I expect them to win out.

Generally speaking, this news should mostly be good for Rogers as more people will be staying home, using cable TV and ordering movies as they hunker down. It also means more people will spend time on their phones.

As far as Capital One goes, they’re a bank and people are likely to be spending less at this time. With restaurants, bars and events of over 50 people being shut down in the United States, as well as travel being curtailed, people will go more into a hibernating and saving mode. That will hurt Capital One. Bet Rogers.

Pick: Rogers

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