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Odds Heavily Favor NHL Implementing All-Canadian Division for 2020-21 Season

Auston Matthews goal celebration
Toronto Maple Leafs center Auston Matthews, left, celebrates his goal with John Tavares (91) during the third period of an NHL hockey game against the Detroit Red Wings. (AP Photo/Paul Sancya)
  • Odds are heavily in favor of the NHL implementing an all-Canadian division for the 2020-21 season
  • The league has yet to make an official announcement on potential division realignment
  • See betting analysis on an all-Canadian NHL division within the story below

Odds are heavily in favor of the NHL going with an all-Canadian division for the upcoming 2020-21 season.

While the league has yet to make an announcement, multiple reports indicate this is the direction the NHL will be going in.

Is there still a chance we see regular divisions for the new NHL season? Which team team would be the best bet in an all-Canadian division?

Odds on All-Canadian Division Being Used for 2020-21 NHL Season

Outcome Odds
Yes -340
No +225

Odds from Dec. 3rd

The odds of there being an all-Canadian NHL division have increased over the last month. The odds were only listed at -105 back in October.

Canada-U.S. Border Restrictions Extended

The main reason odds are now heavily in favor of an all-Canadian division is due to the border status of the United States and Canada. Canadian prime minister Justin Trudeau announced Tuesday that Canada won’t be lifting its ban on non-essential travel with the USA until COVID-19 is significantly under control.

Trudeau’s comments indicate that border restrictions will last well into the new year, which spells trouble for the NHL when you consider they’ve been targeting a Jan. 1 start date. With cases in both countries spiking, temporary regional divisional realignment would be the safe choice.

Sportsnet’s Chris Johnston reported this week that there will need to be a complete realignment for the 2020-21 NHL season to be played, including the creation of the all-Canadian Division. If you’re betting ‘no’ in this prop, you’re basically betting on a lockout and no season being played at all.

Canadian Division Would Be Loaded With Talent

There would be no shortage of talent if the NHL were to implement the all-Canadian division for 2020-21.

Six of the seven Canadian teams qualified for the 2020 Return-to-Play and three of those teams made it past the qualifying round. A competitive division that features star-studded talent like Auston Matthews, Connor McDavid, Elias Pettersson and Patrik Laine would be a great draw for the NHL.

The Maple Leafs are currently favored to win the all-Canadian division, which makes sense when you look at their recent regular-season track record. Toronto has finished with at least 100 points in each of the last two 82-game seasons and added some solid depth pieces this offseason. The 2021 season will likely feature a reduced schedule in the 50-game range, which means the Leafs’ young forward core and workhorse goalie Frederik Andersen could really shine.

There’s Only One Way to Bet This Prop

NHL commissioner Gary Bettman has already stated that the league won’t be moving all seven Canadian franchises south of the 49th parallel for 2021. All signs are pointing to the all-Canadian division being implemented by the league. The reason no official announcement has been made is due to an ongoing CBA disagreement between the league and players.

Gary Bettman and the owners can’t afford a lost season, which means you should bet on the all-Canadian division before the two sides come to an agreement. The NBA is moving forward with a reduced schedule for 2021 without a bubble format, and the NHL should be able to follow suit once the money issues get ironed out.

The last shortened NHL season was a 48-game campaign in 2012-13 that started on January 19th and ended on June 24th. The NHL is trending in that direction for 2020-21, and an all-Canadian division is a near-certainty. Bet this prop before the league makes their announcement.

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