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Odds of Alien Life Being Confirmed Before End of 2019 Set at +5000, Improve to +2000 Before End of 2020

JJ De La Torre

by JJ De La Torre in News

Updated Mar 31, 2020 · 9:38 AM PDT

The long unanswered question of "Are we alone?" is favored to remain unanswered in both 2019 and 2020. Photo By @UPROXX (Twitter)
  • After last week’s “Storm Area 51” raid, people are still discussing the possibility of alien life
  • The human obsession with extra terrestrials is more invested than ever
  • You can place bets on whether or not we will confirm the existence of alien life

Long before Hollywood started making films about it, humans have been consumed with curiosity and obsession about life on other planets being a real possibility.

UFOs, aliens, space saucers, little green men—whatever it may be, humans of Earth feel that we are not alone. It’s impossible to say this isn’t a genuine possibility. What was once thought of as science fiction has become more and more legitimate as the case for genuine alien life continues to grow.

Will Alien Life Be Confirmed?

Prop Odds
Will Alien Life Be Confirmed By December 31 2019? +5000
Will Alien Life Be Confirmed By December 31 2020? +2000

*All odds taken 09/24/19

They Come in Peace

Anyone from skeptics to scientists (and anyone in between) has a stance on aliens existing. We may not see E.T. The Extra-Terrestrial walking around, but for years, other hints have given leeway to the possibility.

YouTube video

Unidentifiable lights, crop circles, first-hand human accounts—it’s been an obsession that has spanned decades. Perhaps people just want to believe in the possibility as a means to daydream and imagine. But the idea came from somewhere, and that may just be a legitimate possibility.

In the event that one day we are visited (or, god forbid, full-on invaded) believers are going to go into full-on “I told you so” mode. So it’s possible some folks just want to be ahead of the curve.

What If They Are Real?

The speculation that alien life truly exists has seemed to grow in number over the past decade. It’s viewed as a less bizarre mindset given scientific clout being developed in this topic.

One theory suggests that with the massive number of stars floating around our galaxy, it’s hugely probable that at least one of them has developed sentient life based on a comparison to experiencing similar planetary arcs to Earth.

With over one trillion planets in the Milky Way alone, people are betting that there’s something (or someone, even) else out there). If they’re as curious and explorative as Earth’s people have been with interplanetary space travel, it’s only a matter of time before we’d end up coming face-to-face with our intergalactic brothers and sisters.

YouTube video

If there is something out there, though, it’s probable we’d have some sign by now if we were going to discover it by the end of next year. Yes, there may be life on other planets, but we aren’t this close to finding it quite yet.

Pick: No

Will Donald Trump Confirm Any Images or Video to Be Alien Space Craft Before the End of His Presidency?

Prop Odds
Yes +1500

Trump: Space-Age Edition

It’s almost unbelievable to think we are even discussing this as a real possibility, but here we are. Will President Donald J. Trump have any tangible proof of an alien space craft by the time his presidency wraps up?

Hmm. Doubtful.

In an extremely hypothetical chance Trump does run into some proof of alien life existing, it’s much more probable to imagine him keeping that information to himself.

YouTube video

If Trump and his team discover a flying saucer in any shape or form, it’d be more likely to see them not reveal that information to the public as a potential means of isolating disbelieving voters.

At this point, Trump is doing his best to secure a second term, and getting involved in the still-bizarre considered realm of aliens would be a really weird flex.

Pick: No

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