Presidential Election – Super-Serious Odds and Props

Dave F.

by Dave F. in News

Aug 22, 2015 · 5:55 AM PDT

Donald Trump hasn’t said anything stupid, at least that we are aware of, since you starting reading this article, a moral victory for his campaign. Can he keep his incessant yap shut until you’re finished reading this article? That’s another matter entirely.

With the presidential election less than 15 months away, it is time to set the odds on everything election-related. (I’ll tell you up front that some of the props are just a tad more serious than others.)

The general paradigm at the moment is that the Republican field is large and loud, while Hillary Clinton has only tepid opposition on the Democratic side of things. How does that translate when it comes to the numbers? Keep reading to find out (but don’t read too slowly, implores Mr. Trump’s non-existent self-restraint).


2016 Presidential Election Odds:

Odds to win the Democratic Nomination:

  • Hillary Clinton: 1/5
  • Bernie Sanders: 7/1
  • Joe Biden: 17/2

Odds to win the Republican Nomination:

  • Jeb Bush: 3/2
  • Scott Walker: 4/1
  • Donald Trump: 9/2
  • Marco Rubio: 5/1

Odds to be the next President of the United States:

  • Hillary Clinton: 1/1
  • Jeb Bush: 3/1
  • Donald Trump: 13/1
  • Scott Walker: 15/1
  • Bernie Sanders: 15/1
  • Marco Rubio: 15/1
  • Joe Biden: 20/1

Odds that the winner gets re-elected in 2020: 2/5


2016 Presidential Election Props:

Odds the winner of the election comes from the same state as the Super Bowl winning team: 30/1

Odds on which candidate will eat the most ears of corn during the Iowa primaries:

  • Chris Christie: 1/4
  • FIELD: 7/2

Odds the winning candidate has a pet dog: 1/1

Odds the winning candidate has a pet cat: 2/1

Odds the winning candidate has a pet badger: 50/1

Odds Joe Biden admits the winner is more qualified than he is: 5/1


The Trumpiest of Trump Odds:

Odds Donald Trump loses the Republican Nomination but still runs for President: 7/2

Odds Donald Trump loses the election but still proclaims himself the winner: 10/1

Odds Donald Trump tells the winner of a primary that “You’re Fired”: 25/1

Odds that a candidate threatens to move to a different country if Donald Trump wins: 10/1

Over/Under on how many Americans actually move to a different country if Donald Trump wins: 100,000


(Photo credit: Gage Skidmore [CC BY-SA 3.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons.)


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