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Mercedes’ 2019 Constructors’ Championship Odds Hit -50000 After Winning First 8 Races of the Season

Daniel Coyle

by Daniel Coyle in Racing

Updated Apr 23, 2020 · 12:07 PM PDT

Lewis Hamilton
Lewis Hamilton is a huge favorite to win the 2019 F1 Drivers' Championship. Photo by Andrew Locking (Wikimedia Commons).
  • After posting wins in all eight races so far this season, Mercedes has rocketed to a massive -50000 favorite on the F1 Constructors’ Championship odds
  • With Lewis Hamilton and Valtteri Bottas both reaching the podium on seven occasions, Mercedes has already eclipsed the record for most points in a season
  • Ferrari has shown signs of improvement in recent races, but F1 fans searching for betting value need to look beyond the futures odds

The hopes for a competitive battle for supremacy during the current Formula One season were raised back in February, when Ferrari’s SF90 made its debut in preseason testing. With the duo of Sebastian Vettel and Charles Leclerc behind the wheel, Ferrari looked to enter the season with a clear edge over Mercedes.

However, technical issues have plagued Ferrari’s vaunted new ride, opening the door for Mercedes to once again dominate the Formula One circuit. Powered by defending world champion Lewis Hamilton’s current four-race win streak, Mercedes has taken the checkered flag in all eight races so far this season.

Now sporting a stunning 140-point lead over Ferrari in the standings, the German squad is sporting ultra-short -50000 After claiming victory in each of the first eight races of the F1 season, Mercedes has vaulted to a massive -50000 favorite to claim a sixth straight Formula One Constructors tile.

Can anyone slow down Lewis Hamilton and Valtteri Bottas’ F1 Constructors’ Championship odds?

2019 F1 Constructors’ Championship Odds

Team Odds
Mercedes -50000
Ferrari +2000
Red Bull +100000
Haas +800
Alfa Romeo +400000
McLaren +400000
Racing Point +400000
Renault +400000
Toro Rosso +400000
Williams +400000

Mercedes’ Domination Unprecedented in F1 History

Mercedes’ domination of the Formula One circuit this season is on pace to be historic. The team has almost matched its margin of victory of a year ago, when it outpaced Ferrari by 146 points, and has already smashed the F1 record for most Constructors’ points in a single season, set in 2016 when Mercedes racked up 297 points while winning 19 of 21 races.

And with 13 races remaining on this year’s schedule, the sky is the limit for the Mercedes duo of Hamilton and Valtteri Bottas.

Fresh off an easy ride to victory at least weekend’s French Grand Prix, Hamilton has now posted four straight victories and six on the season to climb to the top of the F1 Drivers’ standings with 187 points. The 34-year-old Englishman has now picked up the win in 14 of the past 19 races, and has separated himself from the pack as a heavy -1200 favorite to claim a sixth career F1 championship.

However, Bottas’ contribution to Mercedes’ success this season cannot be understated. The 29-year-old Finn has shaken off a lengthy drought that left him winless last season, posting victories at Melbourne and Azerbaijan, and has reached the podium on seven occasions this season to claim second spot on the F1 Drivers’ Championship odds as a +600 bet.

Ferrari’s Improved Results Too Little Too Late

The Ferrari duo of Vettel and Leclerc have shown signs of turning the page on their dismal start to the season. Leclerc has reached the podium in the past two races, posting third-place finishes at Montreal and France, while Vettel has finished second to Hamilton in two of the past three events.


But barring an unforeseen catastrophic event that takes Hamilton or Bottas away from behind the wheel, there is little reason to expect Mercedes to slow down from their epic pace. While that may cast a chill on F1 futures wagering for the rest of the season, auto racing fans looking to add a little excitement to the F1 experience will be best served by taking a deeper dive into the Formula One race odds, and placing their focus, and betting dollars, on individual driver performances rather than predictable race results.

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