Celebrity Big Brother 2 Odds

Kato Kaelin
Kato Kaelin has added plenty of drama to Celebrity Big Brother 2. Photo by CBS.
  • Celebrity Big Brother 2 is well underway
  • Who will take home the $250,000 prize, and who is least likely to win?
  • There are lots of fun prop bets to make throughout the season

The second season of Celebrity Big Brother has been outstanding in the early going. From musician Tamar Braxton to comedian Tom Green, former NFL star Ricky Williams, and past WWE diva Natalie Eva Marie, this version of Celebrity Big Brother has been popping! Much like how it is with regular civilian contestants in the summer, this season has already delivered a ton of backstabbing, lies, and laughs.

With it being a condensed show (just seven episodes remain) we thought it would be fun to try and pick a winner plus predict who will cry the most, who might quit, and much more!

Odds to Win Celebrity Big Brother 2

Who Will Celebrity Big Brother 2? SBD’s Odds
Natalie Eva Marie 4/1
Kato Kaelin 5/1
Kandi Burruss 7/1
Lolo Jones 8/1
Tom Green 8/1
Ricky Williams 10/1
Tamar Braxton 12/1
Joey Lawrence 15/1
Dina Lohan 17/1

In the early going alliances have shifted all over the place, but it would appear the Natalie-Lolo-Tom-Kato pact could, if they stay together, wreak havoc on the house.

Apart from the drama with Tamar, Kandi seems like she should use her level head to fly under the radar and do well in this game. Ricky has won one veto challenge and tried to stir up some trouble but hasn’t done much of note yet.

Woah! Joey Lawrence appears to be in a completely different show altogether considering he doesn’t want to make alliances. Tamar and Dina also face long odds to win given that their game play has been underwhelming and Tamar has already caused major ripples.

With this many big A-list personalities in one house competing to win money (and bragging rights) there are bound to be fights, crying and personal attacks. It has occasionally led to former house guests quitting the show.

Odds Someone Will Quit Celebrity Big Brother 2

Will Someone Quite Celebrity Big Brother 2? SBD’s Odds
No 1/9
Yes 9/1

At this point the only logical people to give up this season would appear to be Tamar and Lolo Jones. Both have had their blowups already this season with Tamar threatening to quit on multiple occasions before backtracking.

Who Will Cry/Argue More: Tamar or Lolo?

Who Will Cry/Argue More on Celebrity Big Brother 2? SBD’s Odds
Tamar 1/3
Lolo 3/1

These two strong-willed women have both had their issues with other house guests (primarily Lolo’s only beef has been with Tamar but she was also upset with Ryan Lochte.) Tamar has fought with just about everybody.

How Many Times Will Tamar Brag About Her Career?

Prop SBD’s O/U
Number of Time Tamar Brags About Her Career 15.5

If it seems like we’re picking on Tamar, we are – kind of. She truly has caused so much chaos in the house but it has been fantastic to watch and she’s definitely the star of the season! If she makes it deep into the game it would be better for everyone because she consistently brings strong TV.

Who Will Win Power of the Publicist Twist?

Who Will Win Power of the Publicist Twist? SBD’s Odds
Tamar Braxton 3/1
Joey Lawrence 5/1
Tom Green 7/1
Natalie Eva Marie 9/1
Ricky Williams 10/1
Lolo Jones 12/1
Kandi Burruss 12/1
Dina Lohan 17/1
Kato Kaelin 17/1

That brings us to why Tamar has the best odds to win “Power of the Publicist” twist as voted on by the fans. It allows the winner an opportunity to remove themselves from the block in either of the next two nominations. Tamar is first on the list because she boasts over 1.6 million twitter followers who surely will back her. If the audience is smart they’ll keep her in the game for more drama.

Joey may also get a lot of votes because he’s seen as a man up the creek without a paddle now that his buddies Ryan and Jonathan are eliminated.

How Many Challenges Will Kato Kaelin Win?

Prop SBD’s O/U
Combined Times Kato Kaelin wins HOH or POV Challenges 4.5

Of the remaining house guests Kato Kaelin has won the most competitions thus far – one Head of Household (HOH) and one Power of Veto (POV.) He certainly has a fan in Lindsay Lohan who is hoping he can help her mom further along in the game.

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