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EPL Odds: An Early Look at 2017-18

Don Aguero

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Updated Jan 17, 2018 · 9:39 AM PST

Chelsea - defending champions
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The schedule for the 2017-18 English Premier League season has been released. We have just under two months before kick-off and a wild transfer window ahead of us, so let’s take a moment to preview the favorites for next year.

Chelsea are the defending champs but it’s Pep Guardiola’s Manchester City drumming up all the excitement. Manchester United are expected to find their footing under Jose Mourinho and Arsenal will carry on with Arsene Wenger.

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2017-18 English Premier League Odds

Manchester City

Pep Guardiola fell short of all his promise last season, but the Citizens ended the year looking pretty good (eight-game win streak), and it seems the manager has finally found something that works for Manchester City.

The main concern going into next season is the defense. Playing without captain Vincent Kompany for much of the year, the club struggled with defensive issues. The club is currently in talks with Tottenham’s Kyle Walker. If Guardiola is able to tighten up his back line, Man City will be in great standing for the title.

  • Odds to win the 2017-18 EPL title: 3/1

  • Odds to finish in the top four: 1/5


After their dominant display last season, it’s no surprise Chelsea returns as one of the favorites. However, the future of two crucial players, Eden Hazard and Diego Costa, remains unknown.

On top of that, they’ll have to adjust to the increased number of games next season as they make their way back to the Champions League. That shouldn’t be a huge issue, but their lack of UCL games last year probably played a minor role in their success.

  • Odds to win the 2017-18 EPL title : 3/1

  • Odds to finish in the top four: 1/3

Manchester United

Man United clinched a Champions League spot for next year by winning the Europa League, and with that comes the chance to snap up some world-class players over the summer transfer window. Inter Milan’s Ivan Perisic and Real Madrid’s Alvaro Morata are both looking pretty likely at the moment, and there are a few other high-profile prospects on the horizon.

One player that won’t be signing with the Red Devils is Antoine Griezmann, who was expected to make the move but has since decided to stay at Atletico.

Jose Mourinho’s Man U finished the season in sixth place, so there’s good reason to be wary of their chances. If they can find some goal-scoring, and some chemistry with the inevitable new faces, United will be a threat to the title.

  • Odds to win the 2017-18 EPL title: 7/2

  • Odds to finish in the top four: 1/3


Once again, Tottenham came close to winning it all last year, but fell short towards the end. Their leading goal-scorers — Harry Kane, Dele Alli, and Son Heung-Min — are all south of 25, so we should be expecting bigger and better things from them in the future.

They don’t quite have the spending power of the bigger English clubs, and that may haunt them over the summer window. Their star defender, Kyle Walker, is already being poached by Manchester City. If they’re not careful, they could suffer a few more casualties.

  • Odds to win the 2017-18 EPL title: 9/1

  • Odds to finish in the top four: 2/3


Last season, Liverpool was capable of beating any club in England. The problem was they were capable of losing to every club as well. Huge wins were oftentimes followed by humiliating losses to lower-tier sides.

If Jurgen Klopp can develop a more consistent team, the title could be within reach. With Daniel Sturridge, Philippe Coutinho, and Adam Lallana on the roster, the ceiling is indeed that high. 

  • Odds to win the 2017-18 EPL title: 15/1

  • Odds to finish in the top four: 9/10


It’s official: Arsene Wenger will remain as manager at Arsenal, a position he’s held since 1996. His odds are long to pick up his first EPL title since 2004. The Gunners have myriad issues and, perhaps most concerning, the team is struggling to hold onto its players. Hector Bellerin is considering a move back to Barcelona and Alexis Sanchez is currently one of the most sought after players in England.

Given the strength of the other big clubs, Arsenal’s place in the top four is looking pretty uncertain. They’re in need of a change, but the extension of Wenger’s contract is a sign of business as usual.

  • Odds to win the 2017-18 EPL title: 15/1

  • Odds to finish in the top four: 1/1


Everton are the eternal dark horses of the Premier League. Last season, their relatively weak line-up was carried by striker Romelu Lukaku, but he’s not likely to stick around for 2017-18.

Without him, Everton doesn’t really have any reliable goalscorers. Unless they can snap one up before the season starts, their championship chances are pretty slim.

  • Odds to win the 2017-18 EPL title: 150/1

  • Odds to finish in the top four: 10/1

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