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Soccer Transfer Odds: Neymar, Ibra, Mbappe … Will They Stay or Go?

Ibrahimovic wants back in with Man U
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Romelu Lukaku to Man United; James Rodriguez to Bayern Munich; Álvaro Morata to Chelsea; Alexandre Lacazette to Arsenal; Leonardo Bonucci to Milan; Kyle Walker to Man City — these are just some of the big-name transfers we’ve seen during the 2017 summer transfer window.

But there’s more to come and some of the biggest names in soccer are still exploring their options. With over a month to go before the window closes, what fresh chaos awaits?





Will Paris Saint-Germain fork out an unprecedented €222 million just to release Neymar from his contract at Barcelona?

Transfer fees have exploded within the last few years, but this would take things to a whole new level. At the moment, we don’t know who to believe. A Gerard Pique Tweet hinted that the Brazilian is staying put, while Sky Sports claims there is a 90% chance he’ll head to Paris.

If he stays at Barcelona, he’ll continue to play second fiddle to Lio Messi. If he moves to PSG, he’ll be taking a huge gamble with his career.

Odds to begin the 2017-18 season at …

  • Paris Saint-Germain: 2/3
  • Barcelona: 3/2


The fate of Neymar could directly impact fellow Brazilian Philippe Coutinho. If Neymar leaves Barca, the team may poach Coutinho from Liverpool to fill the Neymar-shaped hole. Even if Neymar doesn’t leave, the creative, playmaking Coutinho could play behind Neymar on the left wing or replace Andres Iniesta when he eventually retires.

Odds to begin the 2017-18 season at …

  • Liverpool: 8/17
  • Barcelona: 7/3
  • FIELD: 49/1


Arsene Wenger is adamant that Alexis Sanchez will remain at Arsenal, but the long-time manager has been wrong countless times in the past.

Sanchez was linked with PSG earlier in the month. That door seems to have closed after Neymar became an option. Manchester City remains open, and apparently the former Barca striker is willing to take a pay cut in order to be reunited with Pep Guardiola.

Odds to begin the 2017-18 season at …

  • Arsenal: 1/1
  • Manchester City: 7/3
  • PSG: 19/1
  • FIELD: 17/3


Perhaps the most promising player of his generation, 18-year-old Kylian Mbappe has been linked with almost every major club during the transfer window.

However, Monaco is not going to let their star go without a huge payout. Rumors that Real Madrid was interested have died down. Manchester City are keen, but it seems Guardiola is casting a wide net and specific details haven’t been released. Mbappe’s stay at Monaco won’t be long, though should last at least another season.

Odds to begin the 2017-18 season at …

  • AS Monaco: 3/7
  • Manchester City: 4/1
  • Real Madrid: 19/1
  • FIELD: 19/1


Zlatan Ibrahimovic’s career hangs in the balance as he recovers from a season-ending knee injury. He seems hell bent on returning to Man U, but with Mourinho recently breaking the bank on Romelu Lukaku, his spot on the team is no longer guaranteed.

If United refuse to take him back, he could make an ungodly amount in the MLS or Chinese Super League. Or, if his knee injury continues to nag, he may decide to hang up his boots.

Odds to begin the 2017-18 season at …

  • Manchester United: 1/1
  • MLS: 4/1
  • Chinese Super League: 19/1
  • Retirement: 9/1
  • FIELD: 17/3
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