Table Tennis Odds & Picks: May 23 Moscow Liga Pro

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Yaroslav Troyanov has won four straight and six of his last seven Moscow Liga Pro Russian table tennis matches from Vitalii Bazilveskii.
  • There’s another full slate of Moscow Liga Pro table tennis action packed into Saturday evening
  • Which matches are the best bets carded for Saturday night?
  • All of the analysis, along with odds, picks and predictions, follow in the story below

Saturday night’s alright for  . . . Moscow Liga Pro table tennis.

Neither rain, nor sleet, nor snow, nor Memorial Day weekend holidays can stop the train that is the Russian table tennis machine. Bettors will find another full slate of all-day, all-night wagering opportunities coming their way.

Just follow the bouncing ball, and the following advice for the best matches to play your way to a successful Saturday evening.

Moscow Liga Pro Table Tennis Odds

Player Moneyline Handicap Total Player Moneyline Handicap Total
Alexander Serebrennikov +333 +1.5 (+150) O 69.5 (-120) Aleksandr Volkov -500 -1.5 (-200) U 69.5 (-120)
Oleg Kutusov +200 +1.5 (-120) O 73.5 (-120) Alexey Ermilov -275 -1.5 (-120) U 73.5 (-120)
Evgeniy Glazun +175 -1.5 (-125) O 73.5 (-120) Roman Pavlenko -250 -1.5 (-110) U 73.5 (-120)
Sergey Kuzmin +225 +1.5 (+100) O 72.5 (-120) Ilya Novikov -300 -1.5 (-138) U 72.5 (-120)
Aleksandr Volkov -175 -1.5 (+120) O 74.5 (-120) Eugene Glazun +125 +1.5 (-163) U 74.5 (-120)
Alexey Ermilov -225 -1.5 (-110) O 73.5 (-120) Sergey Kuzmin +162 +1.5 (-125) U 73.5 (-120)
Ilya Novikov +110 +1.5 (-188) O 75.5 (-120) Oleg Kutusov -150 -1.5 (-137) U 75.5 (-120)
Andrey Ovchinnikov +200 +1.5 (-120) O 73.5 (-120) Igor Matveyev -275 -1.5 (-120) U 73.5 (-120)
Alexander Serebrennikov +350 +2.5 (-200) O 68.5 (-120) Evgeniy Glazun -600 -2.5 (-200) U 68.5 (-120)
Aleksandr Volkov -200 -1.5 (+110) O 74.5 (-120) Roman Pavlenko +150 +1.5 (-150) U 74.5 (-120)

Odds taken May 23rd.

Moscow Liga Pro Holding Steady

Sportsbooks continue to find that Moscow Liga Pro is proving a savior. It’s boosting their betting handles during this COVID-19 shutdown of many major sports. European soccer is coming back in most nations. Evidently, the NHL and NBA playoffs and the MLB season are just over the horizon.

Still, Russian table tennis continues to provide daily counts of six-figure wagering at the leading online sportsbooks.

For those still learning their way around the table tennis court, here’s the skinny: Moscow Liga Pro matches are best-of-five contests. The winner of each game is the first player to reach 11 points. All matches must be determined by no less than a two-point minimum on the final scoreboard.

Service switches sides from player to play after every second point is scored.

Ermilov Dominating Kutusov

They say that close only counts in horseshoes and hand grenades. Coming close certainly didn’t count for much in Oleg Kutusov’s last match against Alexey Ermilov.

Although their last meeting went the distance, it fell Ermilov’s way via a 3-2 verdict. Kutusov rallied from 0-2 down to force a fifth and deciding game. In the final game, Ermilov confidently put him away 11-6.

That result extended Ermilov’s winning streak against Kutusov to seven straight matches. He’s also taken eight of their last 10 contests.

Kutusov is 3-5 in his last eight matches. All three of his wins came against Ilya Novikov.

By contrast, Ermilov is 8-1 in his last nine times on the court. He’s posted five 3-0 sweeps through his last nine matches.

Pick: Alexey Ermilov (-275).

Amping Up The Volkov Meter

It probably takes you longer to say Alexander Serebrennikov’s name – or at least learn how to spell it – than it does for Aleksandr Volkov to dispose of Serebrennikov on the table tennis court.

Volkov has won seven straight Moscow Liga Pro matches at Serebrennikov’s expense. Three of those seven victories were 3-0 sweeps. Two others arrived via 3-1 verdicts.

As far as recent history goes, Volkov has defeated Serebrennikov six times over the past four days. He owes an 18-4 edge head-to-head in games played during that stretch.

Serebrennikov’s last win over Volkov was recorded on Nov. 5th. Serebrennikov  is proving to be the free spot in Russian table tennis. Against all competition, he’s lost 29 consecutive matches. So it isn’t only Volkov who has Serebrennikov’s number.

Volkov is riding a six-match winning streak.

Pick: Aleksandr Volkov (-500).

Novikov Like Novacaine To Kuzmin

When they stare at each other across the table tennis court, Ilya Novikov puts Sergey Kuzmin into the deep freeze. Novikov has emerged the winner through nine of their last 10 matches.

Seven of Novikov’s victories were fashioned quickly via 3-0 whitewashes. Novikov has two victories against Kuzmin though his last eight matches. Eliminate them and he shows just one win over his last eight contests.

Kuzmin is 3-5 through his last eight matches.

Pick: Ilya Novikov (-300).

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