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Team Ruff Laying 7.5 Points in 2019 Puppy Bowl

Puppy Bowl
Puppy Bowl XV will air on Feb. 3. Which team will you chews? Photo by John Feinberg (flickr).
  • Team Ruff is the betting favorite for Puppy Bowl XV
  • This is the 15th edition of the beloved broadcast
  • Puppy Bowl XV was filmed in advance and will air on Animal Planet on February 3rd 

If you don’t buy the New England Patriots claims and would like to watch some real underdogs on Super Bowl Sunday, you’ll want to switch the TV over to Animal Planet instead. This year marks the 15th edition of the Puppy Bowl, an annual clash of cuteness that you may be surprised to see actually has a betting line.

Unlike an event Michael Vick might host, winning or losing is of no consequence to these dogs. They’re just out there to fool around and hopefully get adopted. But that still doesn’t mean you shouldn’t put a few bones on this.

Puppy Bowl XV Odds

Puppy Bowl XV Spread Odds (01/31/19)
Team Ruff – 7.5 -120
Team Fluff +7.5 -120

First, a scoring breakdown. Pups can get seven points for dragging a toy into the end zone and three points for a field goal, which apparently just requires you to heave a toy in the general direction of the goal posts.

Under that set up, covering 7.5 is a not a small order, especially for Team Ruff. They’ve lost the last two Puppy Bowls, including a 93-38 beat down from the underdog Team Fluff in 2017 (the spread that year was also Ruff -7.5). Last year’s clash was closer, with Team Fluff clawing out a 52-47 win.

Sure, it’s an entire new batch of doggos on Team Ruff this year, but it’s hard to not think of past failures when they throw on those green bandanas.

Who to Keep an Eye Out For

Another thing working for Team Fluff, they have true greatness on their side. One of their puppies is named after the reigning Super Bowl MVP.

Yeah. Have you bet against Nick Foles lately? It doesn’t go well.

The same should apply for the dog version. I can only imagine all the other puppies will start wetting the carpets at the sight of Foles, who, according to his bio “lives with his auntie and uncle in Bel Air.”

If that’s enough of a sign, Team Fluff also has a pupper named Brady. Although based on some of potential Puppy Bowl viewer reactions, that might be a bad thing.

The Play

Team Ruff will be highly motivated to get back in the win column and raise the Lombarky Trophy. But like a dog chasing it’s tail, I think Team Fluff will be able to keep it close. Take them to cover that generous 7.5.

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