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2020 ATP Tour Grand Slam Wins for Djokovic, Nadal & Federer: Odds Favor Zero Slam Wins for Federer

Hayley Graham

by Hayley Graham in Tennis

Updated Apr 11, 2020 · 12:48 AM PDT

The Big Three
Will the 'Big Three' dominate the 2020 ATP Grand Slams? Photo by Phil Whitehouse (wikimedia commons) [CC License].
  • Between Novak Djokovic and Rafael Nadal, they won all four Grand Slams in 2019
  • Roger Federer failed to win a Grand Slam in 2020, but still holds the record for most in tennis history
  • The Big Three may have a tougher time in 2020 securing the Grand Slams

For the first time in a long time, the Big Three, consisting of Novak Djokovic, Rafael Nadal, and Roger Federer are not expected to dominate in the 2020 season. Throughout the 2019 season, the next generation continued to succeed. They weren’t able to steal a Grand Slam away, but were present in pretty much every tournament. The advantage that the Big Three have, is that they don’t have to participate in every single tournament, and still compete in the Grand Slams. Something that a lot of the younger players have to do, is compete in multiple tournaments in order to qualify. It’s safe to say that the Big Three are usually quite rested for the Grand Slams.

In terms of the 2020 Grand Slams, Djokovic’s best odds are +160 to win exactly 1, Nadal’s is +125 to win exactly 1, and Federer’s best odds are -180 to win zero.

Novak Djokovic 2020 Grand Slam Wins Odds

Grand Slam Wins Odds
Zero +400
Exactly 1 +160
Exactly 2 +200
Exactly 3 +600
4 +3300

All odds taken Dec. 9

Djokovic ended the 2019 season World No. 2, a drop from his No. 1 ranking just a year ago. He finished with a 57-11 record, with five calendar titles, including two Grand Slams. He battled just one injury all season, a shoulder injury following the US Open. At 32-years-old, he’s still able to compete with every opponent he seems to face.

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Djokovic was expected to be the star of 2019, and he did just that. Unless injury gets the better of him, he’s expected to compete in all four Grand Slams, and he’s usually pretty rested heading into them. It’s safe to say that he will win at least one Grand Slam this year, possibly two.

Best Bet: Exactly 1 (+160)

Rafael Nadal 2020 Grand Slam Wins Odds

Grand Slam Wins Odds
Zero +225
Exactly 1 +125
Exactly 2 +275
Exactly 3 +1200
4 +8000

Rafael Nadal finished the 2019 season ranked World No. 1, a ranking he maintained for most of the season. He finished 58-7, with four calendar titles, including two Grand Slams. Despite that impressive finish, he battled his fair share of injuries throughout the entire season. He suffered a thigh injury in January, a knee injury after Indian Wells, a hand injury during the Laver Cup, and an abdominal injury during the Paris Masters.

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The 33-year old is a force every time he sets foot on a tennis court, but the injuries, which could be attributed to getting older, causes room for concern. Nonetheless, Nadal will dominate much of the 2020 season if healthy. Expect Nadal to win at least one Grand Slam, even two.

Best Bet: Exactly 1 (+125)

Roger Federer 2020 Grand Slam Wins Odds

Grand Slam Wins Odds
Zero -180
Exactly 1 +180
Exactly 2 +1000
Exactly 3 +12500
4 +150000

Roger Federer finished his season ranked World No. 3, with a 53-10 record. He won four calendar titles, but didn’t manage to secure a Grand Slam. In the tournaments that Federer did play, he was competitive. After a slow start to his season, losing in the fourth round of the Australian Open, he managed to make it to the semifinals at the French Open, the finals of Wimbledon, and the quarterfinals of the US Open.


Federer holds the record for most Grand Slam championships in tennis history with 20, but the 38-year-old hasn’t won a Grand Slam since the 2018 Australian Open. After an okay 2019, it is very possible that Federer comes out in 2020 focused as ever. For Federer, the way he performs at the 2020 Australian Open will be a good indicator for what’s to come for his 2020 season, specifically the Grand Slams.

Best Bet: Exactly 1 (+180)

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