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The “Oddcast” Podcast: Episode 2, AFC Preview

Back and better than ever! The Oddcast is pleased to announce that we have not been cancelled, officially making us a longer running program than Secret Talents of the Stars.

This week, your hosts Sascha Paruk and Eric Thompson tackle important issues surrounding the betting landscape in the AFC. “Deflategate” is over, does anyone care? Is Denver still a threat? Will Andy Dalton ever win a playoff game? You’ll get that, and all the answers to questions you didn’t even know you had.

Have a listen down below and get the benefit of Eric and Sascha’s (probably) on point advice. Even if you don’t like what they’re saying, you have to admit, the music is catchy!


And if you missed the first episode chronicling the NFC, listen to it here.

(Photo credit: Keith Allison (flickr) [https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-nd/2.0/legalcode]. Photo has been cropped.)

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