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WWE Odds – Who’s the Next Hollywood Success Story?

Dave Friedman

by Dave Friedman in Entertainment

Updated Jan 17, 2018 · 9:39 AM PST

While the popularity of wrestling has had large ebbs and flows over time, it has always generated stars that were able to transition their in-ring popularity into ludicrously profitable acting careers. The Rock and John Cena are just the most recent examples of wrestlers who have parlayed their career in the squared circle into Hollywood fame.

Which current wrestlers are the most likely to move from the small screen to the silver screen next? We set the odds!

WWE/Hollywood Odds:

Seth Rollins (8/1) – It was recently reported by Politico that comedian Jon Stewart has a close relationship and some influence with President Obama. Rollins became a regular part of Stewart’s shtick before the comedian left his role as host of The Daily Show, and he certainly didn’t look out of place telling jokes instead of holding chokes. Rollins’ chances benefit from Stewart’s popularity … and being WWE Champion can’t hurt either.

Roman Reigns (10/1) – A former football player, and one-time tag-team partner of Rollins, Reigns is among the better actors in wrestling. He also possesses good looks – which Hollywood seems to appreciate – and has been able to adapt to various roles.

Sasha Banks (12/1) – Young and attractive are a dime a dozen in Hollywood, but being the cousin of Snoop Dogg should have benefits. She’s the NXT Women’s Champion, and shouldn’t the next crossover star be a women?

Paige (12/1) – She grew up in a household that featured a wrestling mother, father, and brothers; she isn’t shy about having been with other women; she has a sexy English accent; and she dates A Day to Remember guitarist Kevin Skaff. In sum, Paige is an incredibly intriguing personality and has breakthrough star written all over her.

Kevin Owens (25/1) – He doesn’t look the part, and his 14 years in the minor leagues suggest that a transition to Hollywood is unlikely. However, the Canadian has peaked the interest of wrestling fans to a huge degree since joining WWE. The fact that Owens is fluent in French could help him internationally, and perhaps most importantly, he feels relatable and approachable.

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