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PFT Commenter Says 50-50 Shot at Making DC Defenders Roster, Odds Say 5-1

David Golokhov

by David Golokhov in XFL

Updated Apr 3, 2020 · 11:53 AM PDT

Is PFT Commenter trying out for an XFL roster just a publicity stunt for the league? Or does he have a legitimate shot of making it? The Barstool personality feels he has a 50-50 shot of making a roster, but that's not what the odds say.
  • PFT Commenter has tried out for the DC Defenders of the XFL as a placekicker
  • He trained with former NFL head coach Jeff Fisher and Hall of Fame kicker Morten Anderson
  • He doesn’t have much of a football background – especially kicking – so don’t expect him to make the cut

With just four teams left standing in the 2019 NFL season, the football focus for many teams and players is already starting to shift towards next season. And with the XFL getting back in business, a lot of people are wondering what that league will look like.

PFT Commenter, a sports personality employed by Barstool, is trying to make an XFL roster. What are his odds of making the cut?

Odds PFT Commenter Makes DC Defenders Roster in 2020

Outcome Odds
Yes +500
No -900

Odds taken Jan 15.

PFT Commenter Announces He’ll Try to Make XFL Roster

If you’re not familiar with PFT Commenter, he’s a fictional character portrayed by Eric Sollenberger. The name stems from the comments that were left under the news stories of Pro Football Talk, which were quite entertaining back in the day (before Twitter really sprung into the forefront).

PFT Commenter, who now is part of the Barstool Sports family, announced on Tuesday that he plans to make the DC Defenders roster as they start to piece their team together. The question is whether this is more of a marketing ploy for Barstool Sports / the XFL, which the entertaining outlet does from time to time, or if this is serious?

PFT Commenter has already tried for the DC Defenders as a placekicker. He has spent time training with former NFL head coach Jeff Fisher and Hall of Fame kicker Morten Andersen. The next step will be to find out whether or not he’s made the cutdown, which will be announced next Thursday.

Sollenberger said he felt he’s about 50/50 to make the team. But that’s not what the odds say.

PFT Commenter Responding to Chad Johnson?

One thing that makes this initiative that serious is it feels like it’s in response to former NFL wide receiver Chad Johnson’s announcement that he was hoping to make an XFL roster as a placekicker. ‘Ochocinco’ can apparently hit kicks in the 60-yard range and is also  trying out for the XFL, and has been given much better +200 odds of making a roster.

It kind of feels like this was a “if Johnson can make it, so can I” type of a thing.

Also, seeing the tweets from Adam Schefter reporting on the tryout as well as the XFL itself, this has the feel of a marketing thing more than a serious attempt at making the roster. Schefter reported that his signature sunglasses were replaced for goggles.

Also, PFT Commenter was wearing a single-ring helmet.

Overall, it feels like Johnson actually has a shot to make the roster while PFT Commenter (and maybe Barstool Sports in partnership with the XFL) are doing this more as a fun thing to get a bit of publicity for the league.

I’d bet that PFT Commenter doesn’t make the roster. From what we know, he doesn’t have a huge football history and he has a pretty good thing going for him at Barstool, so why leave that.

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