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2021 Stanley Cup Odds Tracker

Updated: April 29, 2021

2021 Stanley Cup Odds for Top Contenders


2021 Stanley Cup Odds for Top Contenders


Top Contenders

    This page tracks all 31 NHL teams’ odds to win the 2021 Stanley Cup. The graphs above were generated by calculating the average odds for each team from a variety of online sportsbooks.

    You can see the latest 2021 Stanley Cup odds here, along with how each NHL team has fared in the odds throughout the course of the 2021 NHL season. The Colorado Avalanche currently lead the league as the favorites to win the Stanley Cup.

    2021 Stanley Cup Odds

    Team Stanley Cup Odds at DraftKings
    Colorado Avalanche +400
    Vegas Golden Knights +600
    Tampa Bay Lightning +750
    Toronto Maple Leafs +800
    Carolina Hurricanes +900
    Washington Capitals +1100
    Pittsburgh Penguins +1200
    Boston Bruins +1300
    New York Islanders +1700
    Florida Panthers +1800
    Minnesota Wild +1900
    Edmonton Oilers +2000
    Winnipeg Jets +2300
    Montreal Canadiens +2500
    St. Louis Blues +2500
    Dallas Stars +3500
    Nashville Predators +4000
    New York Rangers +6500
    Arizona Coyotes +10000
    Calgary Flames +12500
    San Jose Sharks +12500
    Vancouver Canucks +15000
    Los Angeles Kings +25000
    Chicago Blackhawks +100000
    Philadelphia Flyers +400000
    Ottawa Senators +500000

    Odds as of April 29th, 2021

    Here are some more notes on the movement of the top contenders for the 2021 Stanley Cup:

    • [Apr 29]: Golden Knights’ average odds have shortened to +550 as we inch closer to the end of the regular season. The Washington Capitals’ average odds have also shortened to +1100 after reclaiming the East Division lead.
    • [Apr 22]: The Hurricanes have seen the most odds movement in the Cup odds over the past two weeks. Carolina’s average odds were around +1300 at the beginning of April, but have now shortened to +788. They are currently tied atop of the Central Division with the Panthers at 65 points.
    • [Apr 12]: The Boston Bruins were the biggest movers in the Stanley Cup odds following the NHL Trade Deadline. The Bruins acquired Taylor Hall and Curtis Lazar from the Sabres as their average odds shortened from +2000 to +1650.
    • [Apr 9]: The Avalanche’s average odds continue to shorten as they drop to +400. The Hurricanes are currently leading the Central Division, while their average odds are at +1000 to win the Stanley Cup.
    • [Mar 31]: The Colorado Avalanche have re-claimed their spot as the favorite to win the 2021 Stanley Cup. The Avalanche’s odds have shortened from +733 to +508.
    • [Mar 22]: The Washington Capitals now find themselves in the Top 10 after winning four of their last five. The Capitals’ average odds to win the cup have shortened from +1967 to +1500.
    • [Mar 12]: The New York Islanders’ average odds have shortened from +2133 to +1533. The Islanders have won seven straight games.
    • [Mar 1]: The Tampa Bay Lightning are the new favorites to win the 2021 Stanley Cup. The Lightning have seen their average odds shorten from +767 to +608 over the last two weeks.
    • [Feb 25]: The Minnesota Wild have won four straight games, including a 6-2 victory over the Avalanche. The Wild have seen their average odds shorten from +5000 to +3667.
    • [Feb 18]: The Vegas Golden Knights have officially passed the Colorado Avalanche in the 2021 Stanley Cup odds becoming the new favorites. The Golden Knights’ average odds have shortened to +717, while the Avalanche’s average odds sit at +733.
    • [Feb 9]: After a 6-1-2 start, the Florida Panthers have seen their average odds to win the Stanley Cup drop from +5000 to +3067 over the last two weeks.
    • [Feb 3]: The New York Rangers continue to disappoint as their average odds have increased from +3233 to +4100. The Rangers are currently tied for last place in the East Division with the Islanders at eight points.
    • [Jan 27]: The Montreal Canadiens continue their climb to the top as their average odds shorten from +2167 to +1567.
    • [Jan 18]: After having their first few games postponed due to COVID-19 issues, the Dallas Stars’ average odds have increased from +2233 to +2533.
    • [Jan 10]: The Montreal Canadiens’ average odds have substantially shortened leading up to Opening Day dropping from +3700 to +2467.
    • [Dec 1]: The Toronto Maple Leafs’ average odds continue to shorten. The Leafs odds opened at +1875 and are now at +1600.
    • [Oct 28]: The Montreal Canadiens’ average odds have shortened from +4933 to +3300 after an active free agency, including the signing of winger Tyler Toffoli.
    • [Oct 15]: The Buffalo Sabres saw their average odds significantly shorten from +6033 to +5200 after signing forward Taylor Hall.
    • [Oct 7]: After the conclusion of the 2020 NHL Draft, the Lightning’s average odds continue to improve now at +850.
    • [Sep 30]: The early betting action has moved the Avalanche +738 ahead of the Lightning +800.
    • [Sep 28]: They are not the chalk at every sportsbook but, on average, the Tampa Bay Lightning +863 are favored to repeat as Stanley Cup champions in the opening odds.

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    Five Past Stanley Cup Winners

    Year Team
    2020 Tampa Bay Lightning
    2019 St. Louis Blues
    2018 Washington Capitals
    2017 Pittsburgh Penguins
    2016 Pittsburgh Penguins

    The St. Louis Blues (2019) and Washington Capitals (2018) were first time Stanley Cup winners. Tampa Bay captured their second Stanley Cup in 2020.

    Stats for Teams Searching for Their First Cup

    Team Years in the NHL Cup Final Appearances Closest They’ve Come
    Vancouver Canucks 50 3 Game 7 Cup Final losses in both 2011 and 1994. No one in Vancouver will ever forget LaFayette’s post or the ensuing riots.
    Buffalo Sabres 50 2 Game 6 in 1999. Losing in overtime, no thanks to Brett Hull’s foot in the crease.
    San Jose Sharks 29 1 Game 6 in 2016. They’ve never been able to shed their label as chokers.
    Nashville Predators 22 1 Game 6 in 2017. Nashville fans still rue the bad call on Sissons’ go-ahead goal.
    Ottawa Senators 28 1 Game 5 in 2007. A heartbreaking series for that culminated in the infamous Emery-Phillips mixup. 
    Vegas Golden Knights 3 1 Game 5 in 2018. Luca Sbisa hands the game to Lars Eller to end the Knights historic run.
    Florida Panthers 27 1 Swept by Colorado in 1996, despite the year of the rat.
    Arizona Coyotes 24 0 Lost in 5 games to the LA Kings in 2012. Dustin Brown isn’t admired by Glendale faithful.
    Winnipeg Jets 26 (1979-1996, 2011-2018) 0 Defeated by the Golden Knights in 5 games in 2018. Canada’s best hope was no match for Ryan Reaves’ heroics.
    Minnesota Wild 20 0 Swept in the 2003 Conference Finals. Despite a disappointing playoff history, they did end Patrick Roy’s career in spectacular fashion.
    Columbus Blue Jackets 20 0 The Jackets have only won one playoff series in their history, but what a series it was, upsetting the top-seeded Lightning in 2019.

    Past Championships for Canadian Teams

    Team Stanley Cups Finals Appearances Last Championship Last Finals Appearance
    Montreal Canadiens 24 33 1993 1993
    Toronto Maple Leafs 13 21 1967 1967
    Edmonton Oilers 5 7 1990 2006
    Calgary Flames 1 3 1989 2004
    Vancouver Canucks 0 3 N/A 2011
    Ottawa Senators 0 1 N/A 2007
    Winnipeg Jets 0 0 N/A N/A

    Archived Stanley Cup Odds: 2020, 2019, 2018

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