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Sports betting is a battle, and when you go to war, you want to bring the strongest army you can. Supplement your sports-betting battalion with SportsBettingDime.com's platoon of podcasts.

Matt McEwan and Sascha Paruk dole out expert NFL betting advice for every game on the schedule, including their locks of the week. They also toss in their unique takes on the latest NFL news, with one bringing a Brady-esque passion while the other prides himself on being as calculated as a Kyle Shanahan game plan.
Dishin’ Dimes is a weekly podcast for hardcore hoops heads that examines the biggest stories and trends from the Association. We're quirkier than Jeremy Lin’s hairstyles, more informed than LeBron James’ inner circle, and more opinionated than Charles Barkley after a bottle of bourbon.
Trevor Dueck's Combat-A-Thon Radio looks at the news and events from every corner the of combat-sports world through a betting lens, covering everything from MMA to the WWE. Each episode, Trevor converses with some of the best analysts and fighters, and hones in on the next major event.