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We’ve been tracking the 2019 Formula 1 Drivers’ Championship odds for all drivers since they became available and have charted them on this page. The graphs below are generated by calculating the average from a selection of our most trusted sportsbooks.

Top Contenders


  • Oct 2: Odds currently not available, with Hamilton such a heavy favorite
  • Sept 24: A win at the Singapore Grand Prix shortens Vettel’s odds from +20000 to +10000
  • Sept 2: Following the Belgian Grand Prix, Lewis Hamilton’s odds have shortened from -3000 to -10000, while winner Charles Leclerc saw no movement
  • August 6: Contender, Lewis Hamilton, saw his odds go from -3500 to -3000 even after his win at the Hungarian Grand Prix
  • July 30: Thanks to a victory in the German GP, Max Verstappen is closing in on Valtteri Bottas for second-best odds
  • July 16: Surprise, surprise … Lewis Hamilton won another race (the British GP) and his average odds are now -3500 to win the Driver’s Championship
  • July 11: Max Verstappen is moving on up. His average odds have improved slightly from +6100 to +5800 ahead of the British Grand Prix.
  • July 1: Max Verstappen’s average odds have improved from +20000 to +6100 following his stunning victory at the Austrian Grand Prix.
  • June 25: It seems unlikely that anyone can catch Lewis Hamilton at this point in the season. His average championship odds are now -1200.
  • June 11: Lewis Hamilton now has his shortest odds of the season (-700) after finishing first in Montreal at the Canadian Grand Prix.
  • May 28: Lewis Hamilton is officially untouchable. His already short odds went from -240 to -480 after winning the Monaco Grand Prix.
  • May 14: Lewis Hamilton’s odds have shortened once again after winning his third race of the season. Mercedes is now 5-0 in 2019.
  • April 15: Lewis Hamilton’s odds shorten to an average of -170 after winning the Chinese GP, while Valtteri Bottas moved from +1200 to +500, the third-best odds, with his second-place finish
  • April 2: Keep an eye on Charles Leclerc, whose average odds improved from +1100 to +300 after a third place finish at the Bahrain GP.
  • March 12: Defending champion Lewis Hamilton (+120) has seen his odds rise significantly over the past month and is now nearly deadlocked with Sebastian Vettel (+170). It will be fascinating to watch the odds move after the first race of the season in Australia.

2019 Formula 1 Drivers’ Championship Odds at Bovada

Driver F1 Drivers’ Championship Odds at Bovada
Lewis Hamilton -10000
Max Verstappen +10000
Valtteri Bottas +8000
Sebastian Vettel +10000
Charles Leclerc +6600

*Odds taken September 24.  Click on the link in the table above to see odds for all drivers.

Drivers’ Championship Odds for Past Winners

Lewis Hamilton won his fifth Drivers’ Championship in 2018, but he still has a ways to go before lapping Michael Schumacher. The Red Baron won seven titles, including five straight from 2000-04.

Past 10 Drivers’ Championship Winners

Year Driver
2009 Jenson Button
2010 Sebastian Vettel
2011 Sebastian Vettel
2012 Sebastian Vettel
2013 Sebastian Vettel
2014 Lewis Hamilton
2015 Lewis Hamilton
2016 Nico Rosberg
2017 Lewis Hamilton
2018 Lewis Hamilton

Only four men have won the Formula 1 Drivers’ Championship over the past decade.

Drivers’ Championship Odds By Power Unit

The Ferrari 604 will be the most driven car this season with Kimi Raikkonen, Antonio Giovinazzi, Sebastian Vettel, Charles Leclerc, Romain Grosjean, and Kevin Magnissen all taking the wheel of this Italian-made beauty.

2019 Formula 1 Schedule and Results

Event Date Winner
Australian Grand Prix March 14-17 Valtteri Bottas
Bahrain Grand Prix March 28-31 Lewis Hamilton
Chinese Grand Prix April 11-14 Lewis Hamilton
Azerbaijan Grand Prix April 25-28 Valtteri Bottas
Spanish Grand Prix May 9-12 Lewis Hamilton
Monaco Grand Prix May 23-26 Lewis Hamilton
Canadian Grand Prix June 6-9 Lewis Hamilton
French Grand Prix June 20-23 Lewis Hamilton
Austrian Grand Prix June 27-30 Max Verstappen
British Grand Prix July 11-14 Lewis Hamilton
German Grand Prix July 25-28 Max Verstappen
Hungarian Grand Prix August 1-4 Lewis Hamilton
Belgian Grand Prix August 29 – September 1 Charles Leclerc
Italian Grand Prix September 5-8 Charles Leclerc
Singapore Grand Prix September 19-22 Sebastian Vettel
Russian Grand Prix September 26-29 TBD
Japanese Grand Prix October 10-13 TBD
Mexican Grand Prix October 24-27 TBD
United States Grand Prix October 31 – November 3 TBD
Brazilian Grand Prix November 14-17 TBD
Abu Dhabi Grand Prix November 28 – December 1 TBD