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  • Track 2020 Six Nations Championship odds for all competing countries
  • The 2020 tournament has been put on pause but will resume on October 23rd
  • Expect England to be heavily favored when the odds reopen

We’ve been tracking 2020 Six Nations Championship odds since they became available and have included the info below. The main graph on this page has been generated by calculating the average from many of our most trusted sportsbooks.

2020 Six Nations Championship Top Contenders

  • Feb. 25: An upset win over Wales in Cardiff has sent France to odds-on favorite status, currently -145 on average.
  • Feb. 10: Despite sitting at 2-0 with a win over England in the bag, France (+225) still trail England (+165) in the championship odds.
  • Jan. 24: France improved handsomely (again) from +944 to +720, while Ireland and Wales both dropped (to +365 and +510, respectively).
  • Jan. 8: England is holding steady at -123, while Ireland falls from +308 to +348 and France improves from +1250 to +944.
  • Nov. 22: Though it didn’t end in glory, an impressive run to the 2019 World Cup Final has improved England’s Six Nations odds from +163 to -123.
  • Jul. 4: England has opened with the shortest odds to win the 2020 Six Nations Championship. The Red and Whites have won three titles since 2011, including back-to-back championships in 2016 and 2018.

2020 Six Nations Championship Odds

Country Odds
France -140
England +135
Ireland +1400
Wales +6600
Scotland +25000
Italy OFF

Odds taken Feb. 25, 2020.

The best way of predicting the future is to look back at the past. Here are some interesting trends to consider before making a wager:

  • The Winner of the Six Nations Championship has also won the Grand Slam and the Triple Crown in three of the last four years
  • England has twice won the Six Nations Championship, the Grand Slam, the Triple Crown, the Calcutta Cup and the Millennium Trophy in the same year
  • Only once has the Rugby World Cup champion also won the Six Nations Championship. England accomplished the feat in 2003
  • Scotland and Italy are the only two countries which have not won a title since the Six Nations Championship era began in 2000

Past Six Nations Champions

Year Team
2019 Wales
2018 Ireland
2017 England
2016 England
2015 Ireland
2014 Ireland
2013 Wales
2012 Wales
2011 England
2010 France

Countries With the Most Six Nations Championships (Since 2000)

Team Number of Six Nations Titles
England 6
France 5
Wales 5
Ireland 4

England has won the most Six Nations Championships since 2000, but Ireland is quickly catching up, having won three titles since 2014. Ireland also won three Home Nations Championships from 1932-39, and eight Five Nations Championships from 1947-1999.