• This year’s newly-promoted teams include Sheffield United, Norwich City and Aston Villa. Track their odds of staying up in England’s top league
  • Follow the odds for each EPL team to be relegated to the Championship
  • How many points have relegated teams finished with in recent seasons?

We’ve been tracking the English Premier League relegation odds for all 20 EPL teams since they became available. The graphs below are generated by averaging the odds from multiple sources and will be updated throughout the 2019-20 season.

EPL Championship Relegation Candidates

  • [Mar 8] Bournemouth has continued to slide from +130 to -143 for EPL relegation since last month
  • [Feb 5] Continuing to struggle, Aston Villa are odds-on to be relegated at -118, adjusted from +225 in December
  • [Dec 10] With poor runs of form, odds continue to shorten on Watford (-400) and Bournemouth (+300) for EPL relegation
  • [Nov 11] Rooted at the foot of the table with seven points, Norwich’s odds to be relegated have lengthened to -400
  • [Oct 8] +200 last month, Norwich City are now odds-on to face the drop at odds of -120
  • [Sept 16] Last place Watford has seen their relegation odds shorten from +600 to +220
  • [Aug 2] Odds have slightly shortened on both Brighton and Newcastle, making them now the third and fourth-most likely to be relegated in the eyes of the bookmakers
  • [July 3] Sheffield United have been installed as the early leading favorite to be relegated to the Championship at odds of -150.

2020 English Premier League Championship Relegation Odds

Team Odds at BetOnline
Norwich City -2000
Aston Villa -175
Bournemouth -145
West Ham +180
Watford +225
Brighton +260
Newcastle +1400
Southampton +3300
Crystal Palace +15000
Burnley +25000

Odds taken Mar. 8

The three newly-promoted sides, Sheffield, Norwich City and Aston Villa, are all among the top teams favored to be sent back down. Villa have the same odds (+175) as Burnley.

Recently Relegated Teams and Points

Year Teams Points
2018-19 Cardiff, Fulham, Huddersfield 34, 26, 16
2017-18 Swansea, Stoke, West Brom 33, 33, 31
2016-17 Hull, Middlesbrough, Sunderland 34, 28, 24
2015-16 Newcastle, Norwich, Aston Villa 37, 34, 17
2014-15 Hull, Burnley, QPR 35, 33, 30
2013-14 Norwich, Fulham, Cardiff 33, 32, 30
2012-13 Wigan, Reading, QPR 36, 28, 25
2011-12 Bolton, Blackburn, Wolverhampton 36, 31, 25
2010-11 Birmingham, Blackpool, West Ham 39, 39, 33
2009-10 Burnley, Hull, Portsmouth 30, 30, 19

Norwich City and Sheffield United finished first and second in the Championship division last season with 94 and 89 points respectively. They earned automatic promotion.

Aston Villa finished fifth in the division with 76 points and earned promotion through a playoff.

Burnley has opened as the Premier League team most likely to be relegated. They finished 15th in the EPL last season with 40 points. A similar haul of points this season would likely prove enough to stay up, given the 18th place team has averaged 34.7 points over the past ten years.

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