If you take a vacation to a resort, are you looking for buffet style service with lots of different food and activities? Or is it better to go somewhere with world class views but fewer things to do? In sports, some teams have one star that the TV cameras focus on and can propel his team to triumph. Other squads are more balanced. They do a lot of things well without having one aspect of their team outweigh another. Betway.com is a sportsbook for fans who never want to be disappointed. They do a very large number of things well. They are a resort sportsbook where you’ll never get around to trying everything that they offer.

What Betway does incredibly well is provide options. The question is not so much how can you bet, but how do you want to wager? Their menu for betting is as large as any in the industry. You pick any sport imaginable, decide what sort of bet you want to make on a given match, and it will almost surely be offered. They have standard bets, props galore, futures, and off-the-wall stuff too. Your options are almost as vast betting the game live, while it is being played, than they are before the contest begins. The reason this is so beneficial is because creative bettors may find an edge on a game that not a lot of other people are focused on, or make an observation that normally wouldn’t be beneficial. Now if you decipher a game and recognize it will be filled with corner kicks, you can make money on that knowledge. Furthermore, they have coupons available each day which are certain events that they offer spiked up odds or otherwise make more attractive.

Getting started at Betway is really easy. You can deposit as little as $10, pick whatever currency you want to use, and chose from more than twenty different methods to get rolling. Credit and debit cards are offered as are most common forms of wiring money and electronic transfers. Only direct bank transfers take more than an hour or so to register. They do not have any sort of maximum deposit so you can start betting as you see fit immediately.

While there is only a nominal benefit for sports bettors, Betway offers incredible sign-up bonuses if you are a poker player or casino regular. Remember when Michael Jordan played baseball or Deion Sanders took on multiple sports? If you have versatility, you can really cash in. Sports bettors can claim a bonus of up to a £30 free bet plus £10 in free bets weekly when you bet £25 on multiples. In the casino the bonus balloons to a 100% match bonus up to $250 on first deposit, increasing to £1000 with second and third deposits, 50x bonus wagering applies. Incredibly, in the poker room you can earn up to £750 with a 200% deposit bonus that is split into monthly increments. No matter which of their products you use most, the Betway Plus loyalty system rewards players with extra promotions and the opportunity to earn free bets and VIP experiences, such as exclusive tickets for West Ham United, of whom Betway are the official principle sponsors. New Customers Only. 18+. T&Cs Apply.

Whether it be the sportsbook, poker room, or casino, the infrastructure at Betway is superb. Their site loads incredibly quickly, is easy to navigate, and clearly is something they take pride in. The last thing you want is to have an account with a site that occasionally is down or has flaws. You can find the games, and bets you want quickly, and easily get your money down at Betway. This holds true for in-game betting too and that is vitally important when odds are changing second-by-second. Their mobile site is one of the best in the industry right now and they have apps available for IOS and Android.

There has been some dispute about how well and vast the streaming service offered at Betway is. If you live in a qualifying country, it is excellent. However, UK and Irish accounts are the only ones that are permitted to stream games. If you like the ponies, they offer a live streaming from numerous tracks, mostly in the UK and EU.

Whether you like the all inclusive resort with great options, or the spot with world class views, both are professional. When it comes to customer service and payouts, that is the best way to describe Betway. They can be reached 24/7 over the phone, through chat, or via email. They’ll quickly resolve your questions and are happy to discuss any concerns you might have. As for getting paid, simply request the amount and method of payment and you can have cash the same day. They are really well run and little things that should be expected are taken care of easily.

Make no mistake about it, Betway is an excellent product. What they do best is put the power in the hands of the customer in terms of what they want to bet when. Their promos for poker and the casino are excellent with the sportsbook bonus acceptable. They are easy to deal with and professional. Sometimes the team with a huge star can be a so reliant on that one guy that if he is a prima donna the whole thing can go awry. Betway doesn’t rely on just one star. They are reliable and fun in much the same way a resort where you just can’t decide what to do next is.