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Anne LeGrand earned her Honors and Specialization in Media Information Technoculture from the U. of Western Ontario. She has been writing professionally since the age of 16, and worked in PR and magazine publication 'til she found her niche in the entertainment world.


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2020 Razzie Award Odds & Picks

Well, folks, we did it. We celebrated the best of Hollywood. Now that the Oscars are done, it’s time to commemorate the worst. The 2020 Golden Raspberry Awards – more endearingly known as The Razzies – are somewhere around the corner, ready to knock even some of celebrity culture’s heaviest of hitters back down a notch with the humble stick.

LEGO Masters Odds – Married Thespians Favored

LEGO Masters, a competition-based series produced and hosted by the self-proclaimed “often hilarious actor” Will Arnett, hits the ground building February 5th on Fox. Ten teams line up to face-off with their LEGO-building skills and the odds are already stacking up the hierarchy.