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  • Get the initial 2019 win total over/unders for the most-bet-on college football teams
  • Alabama and Clemson have the highest projected win totals for 2019 at 11.0
  • Six other teams are in double-figures

Every year, sportsbooks post win total over/unders for the 130 teams in the FBS. Below, we have gathered the win total bets currently available for the premier teams in the country.

Clemson and Alabama, who have met in three of the last four CFP National Championship games, opened with the highest win totals for 2019 at 11.0. But they are far from the only schools expected to finish the year with gaudy win-loss records.

2019 College Football Win Totals

Team BetOnline Win Total and Odds MyBookie Win Total and Odds 2018 Record
Alabama 11 (+110o/-130u) TBD 13-0
Auburn 8 (+125o/-145u) TBD 7-5
Boise St 10 (-125o/+105u) TBD 10-3
Clemson 11 (-140o/+120u) TBD 12-0
Florida 9 (-110o/-110u) TBD 9-3
Florida State 7.5 (-110o/-110u) TBD 5-7
Georgia 10.5 (-200o/+170u) TBD 10-2
Iowa State 8 (-115o/-115u) TBD 8-5
LSU 9 (-120o/+100u) TBD 9-3
Miami-FL 8.5 (-145o/+125u) TBD 7-5
Michigan 9.5 (-170o/+150u) TBD 10-2
Mississippi State 8 (-160o/+140u) TBD 8-4
Nebraska 8 (-130o/+110u) TBD 4-8
Notre Dame 9.5 (+110o/-130u) TBD 12-0
Ohio State 10 (+120o/-140u) TBD 11-1
Oklahoma 10.5 (-160o/+140u) TBD 11-1
Oklahoma State 6 (-115o/-115u) TBD 7-6
Oregon 9 (+120o/-150u) TBD 8-4
Penn State 8.5 (-200o/+170u) TBD 9-3
Tennessee 7 (-115o/-115u) TBD 5-7
Texas 9.5 (-130o/+110u) TBD 9-3
Texas A&M 7.5 (-150o/+130u) TBD 8-4
UCF 10 (-110o/-110u) TBD 11-0
USC 7.5 (+130o/-150u) TBD 5-7
Utah 8.5 (-150o/+120u) TBD 9-3
Washington 10 (+140o/-160u) TBD 9-3
Washington State 8 (-110o/-110u) TBD 10-2
Wisconsin 8.5 (-130o/+110u) TBD 7-5

Georgia and Oklahoma are just a half-game behind, while Boise State, Ohio State, UCF, and Washington all have double-figure win totals, as well.

Sportsbooks are much less optimistic about Tennessee (7.0), Florida State (7.5), and USC (7.5).

Note that the win totals above are for regular season only. Neither bowl wins nor conference championship games count.

That means bettors can, even at this early stage, conduct a pretty hearty analysis of these win totals and their odds. Regular-season schedules are set, transfers have made their decisions, and the early S&P rankings are in from the one and only Bill Connelly.

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