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The 92nd Academy Awards took place on Feb. 9th, 2020, at the Dolby Theater in Hollywood, LA. The graphs below track the futures odds to win the major categories by calculating the average from some of our most trusted sportsbooks.

Best Picture Odds

Best Picture Top Contender Odds

  • [Feb. 9] And the award for 2020’s Best Picture goes to South Korean film Parasite, making history and upsetting the favorite, 1917 
  • [Feb. 7] Heading into Oscars weekend, 1917 continues to seem unreachable with -230 odds to win Best Picture
  • [Feb. 5] The top-two favorites both got shorter:Parasite moved from +333 to +306, while 1917 went from -244 to -264.
  • [Jan. 28] Marriage Story’s odds keep getting longer, with the Netflix original moving from +7250 to +9000 over the weekend
  • [Jan. 23] Initial front-runner and assumed Academy favorite, The Irishman, see odds worsen from +2850 to +3276, as the distance between 1917 (now at -172) and all other contenders continues to grow
  • [Jan. 20] Following a win at the Producer’s Guild Awards for 1917 , odds for the war film shorten to -115
  • [Jan. 15] Ford vs. Ferrari‘s odds are the longest they have been all season, at +71667 now
  • [Jan. 13] Following this morning’s official nominations announcement, Once Upon A Time In Hollywood is sitting pretty with +125 odds to win Best Picture
  • [Jan. 10] 1917‘s odds shorten from +348 to +270, tightening the race between Sam Mendes’ war epic and current lead contenders
  • [Jan. 8] Odds for Once Upon A Time In Hollywood to take home the Best Picture statuette shorten to +247; enough to eek ahead of Parasite at +255
  • [Jan. 6]  The Irishman sees its odds the longest they’ve been this season, with +438, leaving plenty of space for Parasite to hold on to first contender spot with marginally longer odds at +258
  • [Dec. 20] The gap closes between current front-runner The Irishman and Parasite, with +240 and +250 odds, respectively
  • [Dec. 16] Bong Joon-Ho’s critically acclaimed Parasite sees its odds shorten from +700 to +300
  • [Nov. 22] Heralded as a swan song for the great gangster stories Martin Scorsese is known for, The Irishman opens this Academy Awards season with the shortest odds, at +240.

Best Picture Odds

Movie Odds to Win Best Picture
1917 -165
Parasite +240
Once Upon A Time In Hollywood +850
Joker +1300
Jojo Rabbit  +4500
The Irishman +8000
Marriage Story +12000
Little Women +20000
Ford vs. Ferrari +20000

All odds taken on Feb. 7, 2020

Early Best Picture favorite The Irishman lost momentum relatively early in the awards season, with war epic 1917 picking up where the mob movie left off. However it was South Korean film Parasite, directed by Bong Joon Ho, that took home the prestigious Best Picture award at the 2020 Oscars, making history as the first non-English film to do so.

Best Director Odds

Best Director Top Contender Odds

  • [Feb. 9] Despite Sam Mendes’ heavy lead going into the ceremony, Bong Joon Ho wins the Best Director award at these 92nd Academy Awards
  • [Feb. 7] No movement big enough to remove Sam Mendes from his spot behind the podium, with -650
  • [Feb. 5] Mendes has basically been handed the award already, now sitting at -963.
  • [Jan. 28] As Bong Joon Ho shifts from +198 to +350, top contender Sam Mendes’ odds continue to shorten further, leaving him at -563 with just under two weeks to go
  • [Jan. 23] Martin Scorsese’s odds of taking home the Best Director for his final mob movie do not look good, with a shift in the wrong direction to +2275
  • [Jan. 20] Following 1917′s success at the Producer’s Guild Awards, Sam Mendes’ own odds shorten further for a Best Director win at the Oscars, from -125 to -165
  • [Jan. 15] Martin Scorsese’s odds of winning Best Director for The Irishman take a dramatic hit, lengthening to +9449
  • [Jan. 13] Taika Waititi is out, following the nominations announcement, and initial front-runner Martin Scorsese’s odds worsen further to +625
  • [Jan. 10] Not much movement in the odds for Best Director, with Sam Mendes still maintaining the lead in this race, with +130
  • [Jan. 8] Sam Mendes jumps to the front of the pack with +128 odds, while initial front-runner Scorsese sees his own odds lengthen to +513
  • [Dec 20] Martin Scorsese starts off the race for Best Director with the shortest odds at +145, for his end-of-an-era mob movie, The Irishman

Best Director Odds

Director Odds to Win Best Director
Sam Mendes (1917) -900
Bong Joon Ho (Parasite) +450
Quentin Tarantino (Once Upon A Time In Hollywood) +1000
Martin Scorsese (The Irishman) +3300
Todd Phillips (Joker) +3300

All odds taken on Feb. 7, 2020

With his third win of the night, Bong Hoon Jo was awarded Best Director at the 92nd Academy Awards, beating out heavyweight contenders such as Tarantino, Scorsese and Mendes, who was favored to win.

Best Actor Odds

Best Actor Top Contender Odds

  • [Feb. 9] The favorite takes the award here; Joaquin Phoenix is the Academy’s Best Actor in 2020
  • [Feb. 7] Joaquin Phoenix sees odds move from an already incredibly-short -3075 to -3325
  • [Feb. 5] Best Actor continues to be a runaway. Phoenix has improved from -2350 to -3075.
  • [Jan. 28] The odds for Joaquin Phoenix to take home the award for Best Actor are at -2350, with Adam Driver next in line at +1000
  • [Jan. 23] Leonardo DiCaprio finally sees some positive movement for his role in Once Upon A Time In Hollywood, with odds at +3125
  • [Jan. 20] All nominees see their odds lengthen, save for Joaquin Phoenix – who again sees odds improve with +1333
  • [Jan. 15] Adam Driver’s odds get longer to +625, while Joaquin Phoenix’s are the shortest they’ve been yet, at -1000
  • [Jan. 13] Robert De Niro, Eddie Murphy, Taron Egerton and Adam Sandler all got snubbed, but Joaquin Phoenix is soaring with -900 odds to win
  • [Jan. 10] Eddie Murphy’s odds lengthen even further for his performance in My Name Is Dolemite, going from +4750 to +6000, while Christian Bale’s shorten dramatically to +4467
  • [Jan. 8] At the moment, there is only one top contender for Best Actor and it is still Joaquin Phoenix at -550; Robert DeNiro drops out of the top contenders race as his odds lengthen from +900 to +5450
  • [Jan. 6] Joaquin Phoenix stays in the lead, with even shorter odds at +350 and a win at the Golden Globes
  • [Dec. 20] While all other top contenders see odds worsen, Adam Driver’s odds shorten from+329 to +280
  • [Dec. 16] Of all current contenders, DiCaprio’s are the only odds to shorten, from +1000 to +900; Phoenix maintains his lead with -275.
  • [Nov. 22] A somber take on a well-known villain sees Joaquin Phoenix’s odds for Best Actor open at -220.

Best Actor Odds

Actor Odds to Win Best Actor
Joaquin Phoenix (Joker) -2800
Adam Driver (Marriage Story) +800
Leonardo Di Caprio (Once Upon A Time In Hollywood) +2200
Antonio Banderas (Pain and Glory) +2500
Jonathan Pryce (The Two Popes) +2500

All odds taken on Feb. 7, 2020

After being the odds-on favorite all season long, Joaquin Phoenix wins his first Academy Award and completes the awards circuit sweep, for his role in Joker.

Best Actress Odds


Best Actress Top Contender Odds

  • [Feb. 9] Renee Zellweger wins Best Actress, after an entire awards season as the odds-on favorite
  • [Feb. 7] The trend continues in one person’s favor only days away from the Best Actress award being handed out; Zellweger’s odds remain as short as -1750
  • [Feb. 5] Like Best Actor, the Best Actress odds are skewing more and more heavily to the favorite: Renee Zellweger’s odds are now -1875.
  • [Jan. 28] Nominal movement is seen amongst the Best Actress nominees; Renee Zellweger holds on to first, with -1588, while her fellow contenders continue to trail behind
  • [Jan. 23] The gap between Renee Zellweger and her next closest contender, Scarlett Johansson, just got even bigger. Zellweger has enjoyed the best odds of any actress so far this year, but now with -1191 to win the award, there just might not be enough time for anyone else to close that distance
  • [Jan. 20] Charlize Theron’s odds shift from +1975 to +3233, the longest they have been since opening
  • [Jan. 15] Saoirse Ronan’s odds shorten from +2500 to +2267, the shortest they have been yet
  • [Jan. 13] Lupita Nyong’o, Awkwafina and Meryl Streep all drop out of contention, and Zellweger continues to put distance between herself and fellow nominees with -650 odds
  • [Jan. 10] Scarlett Johansson’s odds shorten slightly from +600 to +500, but so do Renee Zellweger’s (to -425) leaving Zellweger still far, far ahead of the rest
  • [Jan. 8] Renee Zellweger holds on to her first-place contender status with -550; other contenders Meryl Streep and Lupita Nyongo both see their own odds lengthen considerably (to +1500 and +12000 respectively)
  • [Dec 20] Her role in Judy sees Renee Zellweger as initial front-runner for Best Actress with odds at -190

Best Actress Odds

Actress Odds to Win Best Actress
Renee Zellweger (Judy) -800
Scarlett Johansson (Marriage Story) +1200
Cynthia Erivo (Harriet) +1800
Saoirse Ronan (Little Women) +3000
Charlize Theron (Bombshell) +5500

All odds taken on Feb. 7, 2020

Renee Zellweger as Judy Garland in this year’s dramatic biopic, Judy, is an empathetic performance deserving of the recognition she received all season long. Her win on February 9th felt like a long time coming!

Best Supporting Actor Odds


Best Supporting Actor Top Contender Odds

  • [Feb. 9]  Brad Pitt takes home the award for Best Supporting Actor
  • [Feb. 7] Brad Pitt’s odds are now -3375 and his award seemingly secured
  • [Feb. 5] Don’t look for drama in the Best Supporting Actor category. Brad Pitt’s odds moved from -1875 to -2975.
  • [Jan. 28] Brad Pitt maintains his lead for Best Supporting Actor with -1875 odds
  • [Jan. 23] Tom Hanks and Anthony Hopkins both see their odds shorten, to +1875 and +4475, respectively; but, Brad Pitt is so far in the lead at -1725, that the rest of the pack can barely see him
  • [Jan. 20] A win at the SAG Awards for Brad Pitt sees his odds shorten significantly from -475 to -1267
  • [Jan. 15] Brad Pitt sees his odds lengthen from -800 to -475, but he is still well-ahead of his fellow contenders
  • [Jan. 13] Tom Hanks’ odds to win Best Supporting Actor for A Beautiful Day In The Neighborhood shorten significantly from +3000 pre-nomination to +1950; Brad Pitt maintains a heavy lead with -800 now
  • [Jan. 10] Early front-runner, Brad Pitt, is already miles ahead of the rest of his possible contenders with -600 odds; Joe Pesci is the only one who looks like he could beat Pitt, at the moment, with +600 for mob-movie swan song The Irishman.

Best Supporting Actor Odds

Actor Odds to Win Best Supporting Actor
Brad Pitt (Once Upon A Time In Hollywood) -4000
Joe Pesci (The Irishman) +1100
Al Pacino (The Irishman) +2000
Tom Hanks (A Beautiful Day In The Neighborhood) +2500
Anthony Hopkins (The Two Popes) +4500

All odds taken on Feb. 7, 2020

In a category stacked with heavy-hitters, 2020’s Best Supporting Actor, Brad Pitt, stood out among the crowd. With closing odds at -3375, what seemed like a sure shot proved itself true.

Best Supporting Actress Odds


Best Supporting Actress Top Contender Odds

  • [Feb. 9] Laura Dern is 2020’s Best Supporting Actress, for her performance in Marriage Story
  • [Feb. 7] Florence Pugh and Scarlett Johansson both see their odds shorten, but none of it seems enough to even come close to favorite Laura Dern, at -1863
  • [Feb. 5] Dern is another prohibitively short favorite in the acting categories at -1751.
  • [Jan. 28] Johansson’s odds shorten once again, bringing her a little closer to her fellow contenders with +2125 to win Best Support Actress; Laura Dern maintains her lead, with even shorter odds at -1400
  • [Jan. 23] Scarlett Johansson’s odds in her second acting nomination this year get worse, moving her from +2650 odds to win Best Supporting to +3225
  • [Jan. 20] Laura Dern’s win for Best Actress in a Supporting Role at the SAG awards this weekend moves her odds for the Academy’s equivalent from -700 to -1000
  • [Jan. 15] Kathy Bates and Margot Robbie both see their odds get longer, to +3033 and +833 respectively
  • [Jan. 13] Despite odds at +600 to win Best Supporting Actress prior to the nomination annoucenment, Jennifer Lopez does not get nominated to win the award; to the surprise of some, Florence Pugh does, and her odds shorten from +3500 to +1500
  • [Jan. 10] Odds are in favor of one of Hollywood’s dearly beloved, Laura Dern, who has opening odds at -400 for her turn in The Report.

Best Supporting Actress Odds

Actress Odds to Win Best Supporting Actress
Laura Dern (Marriage Story) -850
Scarlett Johansson (Jojo Rabbit) +1200
Margot Robbie (Bombshell) +1900
Florence Pugh (Little Women) +3500
Kathy Bates (Richard Jewell) +4000

All odds taken on Feb. 7, 2020

Another favorite with the win: Laura Dern, as Best Supporting Actress, for her turn in Marriage Story. Though the other contenders gave strong performances, no one could match Dern’s odds throughout the season.

Additional Award Categories


Best Original Screenplay Odds

Winner Odds
Parasite -220
Once Upon a Time in Hollywood +160
Marriage Story +1200
1917 +3300
Knives Out +4000

All odds taken on Feb. 7, 2020

Best Adapted Screenplay Odds

Winner Odds
Jojo Rabbit -250
Little Women +185
The Irishman +900
Joker +4000
The Two Popes +5500

Best Animated Feature Odds

Winner Odds
Klaus -140
Toy Story 4 +105
Missing Link +950
I Lost My Body +3500
How to Train Your Dragon: The Hidden World +6600

Best Cinematography Odds

Winner Odds
1917 -2000
Joker +1400
Once Upon a Time in Hollywood +1400
The Lighthouse +1400
The Irishman +2000

Best Costume Design Odds

Winner Odds
Little Women -275
Jojo Rabbit +275
Once Upon a Time in Hollywood +500
The Irishman +4500
Joker +5000

Best Documentary Feature Odds

Winner Odds
American Factory (Netflix) -140
For Sama (PBS) +125
Honeyland (Neon) +700
The Cave (National Geographic) +3000
The Edge of Democracy (Netflix) +5000

Best Film Editing Odds

Winner Odds
Ford vs Ferrari -120
Parasite +110
The Irishman +900
Joker +1500
Jojo Rabbit +4000

Best International Feature Film Odds

Winner Odds
Parasite (South Korea) -6000
Pain and Glory (Spain) +1000
Honeyland (North Macedonia) +2000
Les Miserables (France) +2000
Corpus Cristi (Poland) +3000

Best Makeup and Hairstyling Odds

Winner Odds
Bombshell -600
Joker +400
Judy +1500
1917 +1800
Maleficent: Mistress of Evil +3300

Best Original Score Odds

Winner Odds
Joker (Hildur Gudnadottir) -500
1917 (Thomas Newman) +300
Little Women (Alexandre Desplat) +1500
Star Wars (The Rise of Skywalker, John Williams) +2800
Marriage Story (Randy Newman) +3500

Best Original Song Odds

Winner Odds
I’m Gonna Love Me Again (Rocketman) -600
Stand Up (Harriet) +400
I Can’t Let You Throw Yourself Away (Toy Story 4) +1400
Into the Unknown (Frozen II) +1400
I’m Standing With You (Breakthrough) +6600

Best Production Design Odds

Winner Odds
Once Upon a Time in Hollywood -150
1917 +200
Parasite +325
Jojo Rabbit +5000
The Irishman +6600

Best Sound Editing Odds

Winner Odds
1917 -300
Ford v Ferrari +185
Once Upon a Time in Hollywood +2500
Joker +3000
Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker +3000

Best Sound Mixing Odds

Winner Odds
1917 -200
Ford v Ferrari +135
Once Upon a Time in Hollywood +2000
Ad Astra +3000
Joker +3300

Best Visual Effects Odds

Winner Odds
1917 -150
Avengers: Endgame +235
The Irishman +500
The Lion King +800
Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker +3300
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