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The graphs below tracked the League of Legends 2019 World Championship odds for all contending teams throughout the course of the season.

LoL 2019 World Championship Odds

  • [Nov 4] IT’s G2 vs FunPlus Phoenix in the finals with G2 given the slight edge with average odds of -120 and FunPlus -105
  • [Oct 28] We’ve reached the semifinals at Worlds with a close final four set. Ahead of the quarterfinals IG was +1000 and are now +275. SK Telecom T1 adjusted from odds-on favorites to +135
  • [Oct 21] Heading into the quarterfinals SK Telecom T1 are now odds-on favorites at -120
  • [Oct 16] Mid-way through the round-robin and there’s already plenty of line movement with odds shortening on SK Telecom T1 and G2, and odds dropping on teams like Griffin and Fnatic
  • [Oct 9] Favorites SK Telecom T1 and FunPlus Phoenix have both shortened slightly the week of the tournament to +310 and +390
  • [Sept 30] With the tournament just days away, SK Telecom and FunPlus Phoenix both have +400 average odds. DAMWON Gaming has seen their odds shorten from +1000 to +750
  • [Sept 16] The final 24 teams are set and SK Telecom T1 remain the +450 favorites. The biggest odds movement has seen Splyce shorten from +15000 to +6600.
  • [Aug 9] DAMWON Gaming now see themselves among the favorites, with 8-1 odds, shortened from 25-1 back in June

LOL World Championship Closing Odds

Team  2019 World Championship Odds
G2 Esports -120
FunPlus Phoenix -105

Odds taken Nov. 4

FunPlus Phoenix swept G2 Esports 3-0 in the finals of the 2019 World Championships to claim their first title and the second for China.

Odds for Past Winners

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