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The revolution has come full circle: Not only does sports gambling require shady bookies or a trip to a dingy casino, but online sports betting no longer needs a computer either!

Mobile betting is commonplace, easy-to-use, and the preferred options for many on-the-go account holders. In fact, by 2020, there will be six billion mobile devices in use. As smartphones evolve and wireless networks quicken, sportsbooks are seriously prioritizing their mobile functionality.

In this article, we look at the features you want in a smartphone, the best betting platform to optimize your experience, and touch on the areas where betting on-the-go serves you best. Whether you still bet on your computer, have gone entirely mobile, or do some of each, the future of gambling is clear!

The Basics of Using Smartphones for Mobile Betting

Though there are some differences between betting on an iPhone and Android device, the experience is mostly the same. While it’s true that in rare instances, some people use apps rather than mobile platforms, we find that betting through your web browser is usually a better experience.

At this point, few sites rely on dedicated applications, with the majority of them pouring resources into optimizing their website for mobile devices.

It may be obvious, but a large screen is certainly desirable, as users must place bets by clicking and pushing buttons. The more space there is, the easier it is to avoid errors.

Forget about the betting odds or choice of gambling websites, if you can’t log in, the rest makes little difference. Simply put, whatever provider works best in your area (or wherever you frequently travel), stick with it! If your service is touch-and-go, so is your ability to bet. Being able to tap into reliable and safe wifi can be a significant benefit, too.

Using a Modern, Fast Smartphone Enhances Your Betting Experience

Of course, device speed matters. Most newer smartphones work quickly, and for in-game betting, that’s vital. Point spreads are always subject to change, so having a reliable device ensures that you’ll get the action you want at the moment you need it.

Though the specific smartphone you’re using matters, what’s most integral is using a phone that’s modern, faster, and secure. Sports betting sites make the experience easier every day by optimizing for mobile devices. So long as you’re using a product that works on most (if not all) social media, you should be in good shape.

What Are Mobile Betting Platforms Like?

As we mentioned above, Sports betting websites have largely shifted away from apps. Instead, they tend to concentrate on developing mobile platforms that work on all devices. Sportsbooks’ mobile platforms may be no different than the normal website and not optimized for the nuances of mobile browsing. These platforms can be quite challenging to navigate on a smaller screen.

In contrast, many sportsbooks dedicate a ton of time to completely overhauling their mobile interfaces to enhance mobile users’ experiences.

What Mobile Betting Platforms Perform Best?

By and large, the mobile sportsbooks that keep things simple work best. With a limited amount of space on a smartphone screen, easy-to-navigate sites offer fewer options, as well as easy methods to move from section to section.

Both UX (user experience) and UI design (user interface) of an online gambling site are incredibly important. While a design might be sophisticated, it has to look simple, run seamlessly, and be easy to navigate. Though computer experts have many criteria that they think are important (and lead to stability on the back end), sportsbook users want to bet simply and efficiently on the events they are interested in.

As you assess which sportsbook you’d like to use, find out whether they have an app, if their website is optimized for mobile, and give them a test ride. Our experience indicates you shouldn’t settle. Don’t choose a sportsbook isn’t reliable. The big boys (such as Bovada and BetOnline) are already doing quality work in this area.

For the Future of Sports Betting, Look to Mobile

Though we aren’t always behind a computer, it’s hard to completely unplug these days. However, the way we’re betting on sports is quickly evolving. The ease and convenience of betting on sports via your mobile device make a lot of sense in most cases.

Live wagering has become the norm in Europe, and its popularity is increasing throughout North America. If you’re at a game, you want to be able to bet at commercial breaks or at least in-between quarters.

When you see a report on social media that a major injury has taken place – or the weather is going to affect an event – you want to be able to capitalize by betting immediately. The time where the vast majority of sports gambling takes place on a mobile device is right around the corner.

Mobile Betting Is the Future for Sportsbooks

These days, it’s impossible to be a reputable sportsbook without a strong mobile betting platform. The big players have them, but before you sign-up, poke around and see which one works for you.

There is no doubt that mobile betting will continue to grow, and sportsbooks and smartphones will continue to adapt to make things easier.

In the meantime, assess your options with an understanding that mobile betting isn’t just one component to consider when choosing your device and site. In the near future, sports betting will likely be the way you make the majority of your bets.