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Betting Online vs. Vegas Sportsbook

Aaron Gray

by Aaron Gray

Updated Mar 4, 2020 · 2:14 PM PST

The world of gambling and sports betting has changed dramatically in recent years. Technological advancements of the internet and smartphones have meant that much of the bookies’ business has moved from the high street to the virtual world. However, Vegas sportsbooks haven’t given up the ghost just yet! They are still alive and kicking!

When you say “Vegas,” images of massive screens filled with betting lines, betting tellers, bright lights and betting slips instantly come to mind. It still has its appeal and the sportsbooks along the strip are packed.

So, which offers a better betting experience? Online sportsbooks or Vegas sportsbooks?

Betting Online

The first online sportsbook hit the world wide web in 1996. Since then the number of online sportsbooks has risen astronomically and now there are literally hundreds of options available around the globe.

This huge popularity is partly due to the simple fact that punters can make bets from the comfort of their own home, or anywhere via mobile betting. The other reason is the number of bonuses and promotions, and the number of markets and highly competitive odds.

How to Place a Bet Online

Once you’ve picked an online sportsbook you’ll need to open an account. The sign-up process is usually pretty simple. It only takes a few minutes and is completed by entering in a few personal details. You’ll often have to provide ID at this stage. You’ll then be asked to make your first deposit to your account and you’re ready to rumble!

Deposit and withdrawal processing times can vary depending on the payment method you choose and/or the sportsbook. Another thing just to bear in mind when you are signing up.

Pros of Betting Online

  • Better lines and more betting options
  • Bet from the comfort of your own living room
  • Bet on the go with mobile, from anywhere at any time
  • Cash out from anywhere
  • Place bets instantly
  • Big bonuses just for signing up
  • VIP and loyalty reward schemes

Cons of Betting Online

  • Sign up processes can be lengthy—sending off copies of ID and documents
  • Online sportsbooks are restricted by location
  • Some withdrawal methods can take a week to process
  • Risk of hacking
  • Some of the bonuses have high wagering requirements to be met before you can withdraw cash

Vegas Sportsbook

You can’t go to the State of Nevada and not visit Vegas! It’s like the spiritual birthplace of gambling. If you reside in the area or are just there for a visit, you can legally make a bet at any of the Vegas sportsbooks.

Nevada was the first state to legalize sports betting in 1949. Before that, the activity was operated by organized crime syndicates. Nowadays, you can find a wide range of betting options for the most popular sports, and the list is steadily growing.

The type and scope of the sportsbooks on offer in Vegas vary depending on the resort. Some will have multiple and massive screens, while others will be a couple of TVs and a betting window, and others may be a simple kiosk.

Betting at a Vegas Sportsbook

Making a bet for the first time at a Vegas sportsbook can be intimidating, but it’s pretty simple. There will be a large board or printed daily sheets, showing the games and odds available along with a ‘rotation number’. This is unique to the team, athlete or sport and should be used when you go to place your bet

Some of the top Vegas sportsbooks also offer mobile betting, but you need to stay within the state to access them. Others also offer tablets where you can place your wager from your table instead of waiting in line at the cashiers.

Vegas Experience

The best thing about placing a bet at a Vegas sportsbook is that you can stick around for a little while and soak up the real Vegas atmosphere. There is nothing quite like the atmosphere at Westgate SuperBook during a major event like the Super Bowl or March Madness when everyone goes nuts! You just can’t replicate this at home.

Some sportsbooks offer free drinks, depending on the amount you bet. Otherwise, buy your own, get comfy, watch the game, maybe even treat yourself to a slap up dinner.

Pros of Betting at a Vegas Sportsbook

  • It’s Vegas!
  • 100% Vegas experience
  • More social—go with friends, meet new people
  • Entertainment value
  • Simple transactions
  • No long sign-up process
  • Instant cashout
  • Don’t need to be tech-savvy

Cons of Betting at a Vegas Sportsbook

  • If you lose your winning ticket, no cash
  • If you win but live out of state, you either have to return to the sportsbook to cash in or photocopy ticket and post it and wait for a returned check
  • Limited betting options
  • Standing in line to place bets
  • Have to be in the state of Nevada to place a bet

Online betting is probably the best choice for the busy punter. However, if you do happen to get the chance to go to Vegas, then no trip is complete without placing a bet. It’s worth it for the experience alone. Whatever platform you choose, remember, always bet responsibly!

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