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See All the Daily Odds Boosts Offered at Each Sportsbook

Matt McEwan

by Matt McEwan

Updated Dec 11, 2023 · 9:40 AM PST

Everyone and their mother loves shopping around for a good sale. And the right discounted price is often too tempting to pass up. But finding value as a sports bettor in the past hasn’t been as simple as looking for that red marker – it has involved a lot of research and a bit of math on top of it.

But sportsbooks are bringing those attractive, easy-to-spot bargains to their bettors now in the form of odds boosts – or boosted odds / boosters / super odds, depending which book you use. Regardless of the name, the idea is the same. The sportsbook is offering you specific bets at longer odds for a limited time.

We’re capturing all these daily odds boosts from each sportsbook here:

Today’s Odds Boosts – December 11

Sportsbook League Event Date Bet Type Boosted Bet Regular Odds Boosted Odds Change in Profit
Bet365 NFL Dec-11 Parlay Tua Tagovailoa 300+ Pass Yds + 3 Pass TDs & Tyreek Hill 1+ TDs +375 +450 20.00%
BetMGM NFL Dec-11 Parlay Saquon Barkley 1+ TDs, Jordan Love 1+ Pass TDs & Packers to Cover +6.5 +180 +225 25.00%
Caesars NFL Dec-11 Parlay Tua Tagovailoa to Record 300+ Pass Yds & 3+ Pass TDs +290 +325 12.07%
Caesars NFL Dec-11 Parlay Romeo Doubs & Jayden Reed Both to Score a Touchdown +900 +950 5.56%
Caesars NFL Dec-11 Parlay DeAndre Hopkins to Record 60+ Rec Yds & Score a Touchdown +280 +360 28.57%
ESPN BET NFL Dec-11 Parlay Dolphins & Packers Both to Lead at Half Time & Win the Game +140 +180 28.57%
ESPN BET NFL Dec-11 Parlay Jaylen Waddle, DeAndre Hopkins & Romeo Doubs Each to Record 55+ Pass Yds +540 +650 20.37%
ESPN BET NFL Dec-11 Prop Saquon Barkley, Derrick Henry & Tyreek Hill to Combine for 4+ TDs +400 +500 25.00%

*Some odds boosts above are regional. Be sure to check for whether the boost is available in your region before making the bet. Also make sure to read the terms and conditions of the boosts where the bet is not determined and you have the choice. 


SBD's Odds Boost of the Day:

Saquon Barkley, Derrick Henry & Tyreek Hill to Combine for 4+ TDs




You do not need to use the promo code DIME in order to get this odds boost at ESPN Bet. But if you haven’t signed up with ESPN Bet yet, then use the code DIME to claim your $250 bonus at signup, and then go bet this odds boost.

Just like any discount you’re being offered, it’s important to ensure you’re purchasing a quality product, not just buying something because it’s on sale. So be sure you still do your own handicapping before throwing a ton of your bankroll at all these boosted odds.

If you see an odds boost above that you like, but you are not already registered with that sportsbook, you’ll want to claim their welcome offer first. After you claim the new user bonus, you can then circle back to the odds boost and bet that as well.

And if you’re looking to see which odds boosts were available at each book in the past, we’ve got you covered below.

Past Odds Boosts and Results

Sportsbook League Date Offered Bet Type Boosted Bet Reg. Odds Boosted Odds Chg in Profit Result
Bet365 NFL Dec-10 Parlay Allen & Mahomes Both to Throw 2+ Pass TDs +130 +200 53.85% Loss
Caesars NBA Dec-8 Parlay Brown & Holiday Both to Make 3+ 3PM +420 +650 54.76% Loss
Caesars NBA Dec-8 Parlay Embiid to Record 35+ Points & 12+ Rebounds +200 +250 25.00% Win
Caesars NBA Dec-8 Parlay Siakam to Record 20+ Points & 10+ Rebounds +240 +275 14.58% Loss
ESPN BET NBA Dec-8 Parlay Banchero, Siakam & Tatum All to Score 7+ Pts in 1Q +450 +550 22.22% Loss
ESPN BET NBA Dec-8 Parlay Curry & Gilgeous-Alexander Both to Record 45+ Pts/Reb/Ast +500 +650 30.00% Loss
ESPN BET NBA Dec-8 Parlay Gobert, Wembanyama & Sabonis Each to Record 12+ Reb +625 +750 20.00% Win
FanDuel NBA Dec-8 Parlay Brunson & Tatum Both to Record 3+ 3PM +160 +200 25.00% Loss

From what we’ve seen so far, Caesars and DraftKings will both offer boosted odds for events well into the future. With so much time before the event, these boosts can and will change, for better or worse. For a full breakdown of all the current betting promotions, check out the latest sportsbook promo codes.

FanDuel will also offer boosted odds for events in the future, but they still tend to only be available for 24 hours. BetMGM, on the other hand, tend to only offer boosted odds for events happening that day.

Which Sportsbook Offers the Best Odds Boosts?

The answer to this question will fluctuate, and might depend on your definition of “best,” but the winner over the last 30 days is DraftKings. Keep in mind, their numbers have been bolstered by offering so few odd boosts within that timeframe — ones that are typically slam dunk bets to make.

In comparison, Caesars will consistently offer a wide variety of boosts to wager. Though not many have landed as of late, when they do they’re often big scores.

Odds Boost Stats by Sportsbook

Sportsbook Yesterday’s Record Yesterday’s Profit/Losses Record in Last 7 Days Profit/Losses in Last 7 Days Record in Last 30 Days Profit/Losses in Last 30 Days
DraftKings 0-0 1-0 +1.00 unit 3-0 +3.00 units
ESPN BET 0-0 9-6 +35.50 units 16-33 +30.70 units
FanDuel 0-0 0-7 -7.00 units 6-13 -4.70 units
BetMGM 0-0 0-5 -5.00 units 4-13 -2.40 units
Caesars 0-0 4-9 +6.00 units 14-29 +27.60 units
Bet365 0-1 -1.00 unit 1-4 +0.50 units 4-16 -2.10 units

DraftKings has so few odds boosts being logged because the vast majority of theirs are open-ended. They aren’t set wagers and don’t force you into betting any specific outcome. They are boosts that you can place on whatever bet you want to make, meaning we cannot grade them because they’re unique to you.

Let me add some context to the insane profits that Caesars’ odds boosts occasionally provide: two very longshot odds boosts recently hit, one for +2800 and another for +1800. They also had a +850 boost and a +750 boost hit during that span. Not many of Caesars’ odds boosts hit, but they do offer up big winners.

To be clear, this is only grading the odds boosts we track here on this page. Some sportsbooks offer regional odds boosts, which we are not able to track consistently. The data above will become much more full once we get into the NFL season, where sportsbooks tend to offer many more odds boosts.

Best Odds Boosts & Promos

If you’re looking for the sportsbooks with the best odds boosts and most valuable sign-up promos, we’ve compiled a list of our favorite operators in the table above who feature significant boosted odds daily.

Click the links in the left side for more details on the best promo codes from each sportsbook, or use the exclusive links on the right side to begin the sign-up process and claim an exclusive offer. This is a perfect way to get started with a sportsbook before moving on to the boosted odds section.

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