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We’ve been tracking each team’s odds of winning the American League and National League Pennants and have included the data below. The graphs have been generated by averaging the odds from multiple online sportsbooks to give you a better sense of each team’s probability of coming out on top.

Bookmark this page and visit it often to see how the odds ebb and flow during the 2020 MLB season.

2020 American League Pennant Odds

June 25: With a 60-game regular season and standard 10-team playoff set, the pennant odds have been updated accordingly. The Yankees (+160 to +168) and Astros (+386 to +425) both saw their odds get longer.

May 4: The prospect of a significantly shortened season has led to the odds for the favored Yankees getting longer (+153 to +160) while the second-tier contenders mostly got shorter.

Mar. 18: The Rays have improved from +1134 to +875 over the last month, representing the biggest gainers in the AL.

Feb. 18: The Astros’ odds have dipped a bit from +335 to +385 as oddsmakers and bettors alike believe that off-field distractions will lead to a decline in play.

Jan 31: The Yankees’ +150 odds are nearly twice as short as their preseason odds from last season, which opened at roughly +275.

AL Pennant Odds

Team 2020 AL Pennant Odds
New York Yankees +168
Houston Astros +425
Minnesota Twins +833
Tampa Bay Rays +933
Oakland Athletics +1067
Chicago White Sox +1200
Cleveland Indians +1200
LA Angels +1400
Boston Red Sox +2067

Odds as of June 25.

Past 10 American League Pennant Winners

Year Team Reg. Season Record
2019 Houston Astros 107-55
2018 Boston Red Sox 108-54
2017 Houston Astros 101-61
2016 Cleveland Indians 94-67
2015 Kansas City Royals 95-67
2014 Kansas City Royals 89-73
2013 Boston Red Sox 97-65
2012 Detroit Tigers 88-74
2011 Texas Rangers 96-66
2010 Texas Rangers 90-72

No team has achieved more postseason success than the Yankees, who have won 40 American League pennants since 1921. New York captured its most recent pennant in 2009 when it defeated the LA Angeles in six games in the American League Championship Series.

2020 National League Pennant Odds


June 25: The NL favorites also fell with the regular season set at 60 games: Dodgers went from +150 to +150, Braves went from +650 to +725, Nationals went from +838 to +900.

May 4: Like in the AL, the favored Dodgers faded (+128 to +140) while the many of the other contenders (Braves, Cubs, Reds) got shorter.

Mar. 18: The Cardinals were the big losers over the last month, falling from +879 to +1021.

Feb. 18: The Phillies (+1240) have fallen out of the top five, replaced by the Mets (+913).

Jan. 31:. The Dodgers are once again preseason favorites to win the NL Pennant, but the Braves and Nationals are considered extremely credible threats.

NL Pennant Odds

Team 2020 NL Pennant Odds
Los Angeles Dodgers +150
Atlanta Braves +725
Washington Nationals +900
NY Mets +983
St. Louis Cardinals +1100
Chicago Cubs +1200
Cincinnati Reds +1200
Philadelphia Phillies +1600
Milwaukee Brewers +2233
San Diego Padres +2300

Odds last collected June 25.

Past 10 National League Pennant Winners

Year Team Reg. Season Record
2019 Washington Nationals 93-69
2018 Los Angeles Dodgers 92-71
2017 Los Angeles Dodgers 104-58
2016 Chicago Cubs 103-58
2015 New York Mets 90-72
2014 San Francisco Giants 88-74
2013 St. Louis Cardinals 97-65
2012 San Francisco Giants 94-68
2011 St. Louis Cardinals 90-72
2010 San Francisco Giants 92-70

The Dodgers and Giants have combined to win 31% of all the National League pennants awarded, with each club claiming 23 apiece. Although both clubs have had their fair share of success, LA has had more luck recently, winning back-to-back pennants in 2017 and 2018.

Archived AL & NL Pennant Odds: 2019

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