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We’ve been tracking each team’s odds of winning the American League and National League pennants and have included the data below. The graphs have been generated by averaging the odds from multiple online sportsbooks to give you a better sense of each team’s probability of coming out on top.Bookmark this page and visit it often to see how the odds ebb and flow during the 2019 MLB season.

2019 American League Pennant Odds

Top Contenders

Oct. 8: Even though the Yankees are through to the ALCS already, while the Astros are still battling Tampa in the ALDS, Houston is -180 and NYY is +150.

Oct. 2: There’s been a narrowing of the odds between ALDS opponents NYY (+220 to +250) and Minnesota (+750 to +710) ahead of Game 1.

Sep. 30: The A’s saw their pennant odds improve the most over the final week of the season (+970 to +870) as they locked themselves into the first Wild Card spot and will host the Rays (+1200) on Wednesday, Oct. 2nd.

Sep. 27: The Indians have fallen two games back of a playoff spot with just three to play. Their AL Pennant odds have sunk to +3200, which isn’t nearly low enough.

Sep. 23: With just a week to play, the A’s (+1000) hold a two-game lead on the Rays (+1400) and Indians (+1500), and their pennant odds reflect their current edge.

Sep. 9: A bad week has put Cleveland (+1500) a step behind the other two Wild Card contenders, Tampa Bay (+1300) and Oakland (+1400).

Sep. 3: The three teams in the AL Wild Card race (Rays, Indians, Athletics) are separated by just 1.5 games in the standings, but have rather disparate pennant odds, ranging from Cleveland at +1200, to Tampa at +1300, to Oakland at +1700.

Aug. 26: The Astros are at a new season-best in terms of pennant odds, going from +100 to -120. It’s the first time all year that an AL team has been shorter than even money.

Aug. 19: The Red Sox (+3500) are all but finished. They are 6.5 games out of a Wild Card spot and are now without Chris Sale, likely for the rest of the season.

Aug. 9: The separation between the Astros (+100) and Yankees (+190) on the one hand and the next tier of contenders — Indians (+800), Twins (+820), Rays (+1400) — is bigger than ever.

Aug. 2: Splashy trade-deadline acquisitions of Zack Greinke, Aaron Sanchez, and Joe Biagini, coupled with inaction from the Yankees, has launched the Astros to the top at even money.

Jul. 29: Minnesota continues to plummet (+510 to +650), joined by the slumping Rays (+1200 to +1400) and back-to-earth Rangers (+3600 to +12300).

Jul. 19: The Twins’ odds have fallen from  +340 in early June to +510 in mid-July. Not only are they playing mediocre baseball, but the rival Indians have almost caught them in the AL Central.

Jul. 9: There’s been a lot of movement among the Wild Card contenders. The A’s (+2300) and Indians (+1300) are on the rise, while the Rays (+1100) and Rangers (+2600) are trending down.

Jul. 4: For the first time since Opening Day, the Astros are no longer the favorites to win the AL Pennant, falling slightly behind the Yankees (+180 vs +190).

Jun. 21: The Rays have seen their AL Pennant odds go from +580 on June 13th to +680 on June 21st after losing four straight and eight of their last 10 games.

Jun. 13: Oddsmakers are fading the Red Sox, whose average odds worsened again, moving from +700 on June 3rd to +850 on June 13th.

Jun. 3: The Twins’ AL Pennant odds continue to get shorter, now sitting at just +340, not far behind the Astros (+180) and Yankees (+250). The slumping Red Sox (+700) and Indians (+1800), meanwhile, continue to slide.

May 22:  The Twins have seen their AL Pennant odds improve from +830 to +620 thanks to a recent hot streak.

May 6: The gap between the Astros (+240) and the Yankees (+280) is getting smaller despite New York’s long list of injured stars.

Mar. 12: The Yankees and Red Sox are neck-and-neck one again with nearly identical opening odds. These storied franchises have combined to win 54 AL pennants since 1901.

American League Pennant Odds at Bovada

Team 2019 AL Pennant Odds at Bovada*
Houston Astros -180
New York Yankees +150
Tampa Bay Rays +3500

Odds last collected Oct. 8, 2019.

Past 10 American League Pennant Winners

Year Team Record
2018 Boston Red Sox 108-54
2017 Houston Astros 101-61
2016 Cleveland Indians 94-67
2015 Kansas City Royals 95-67
2014 Kansas City Royals 89-73
2013 Boston Red Sox 97-65
2012 Detroit Tigers 88-74
2011 Texas Rangers 96-66
2010 Texas Rangers 90-72
2009 New York Yankees 103-59

No team has achieved more postseason success than the Yankees, who have won 40 American League pennants since 1921. New York captured its most recent pennant in 2009 when it defeated the LA Angeles in six games in the American League Championship Series.

2019 National League Pennant Odds

Top Contenders

Oct 7: The Dodgers are basically given a 60% chance to win the NL Pennant, even though they have yet to advance past the Nationals and will likely face Max Scherzer and Stephen Strasburg in the next two games, if the series goes the full five.

Oct. 2: After knocking out the Brewers in dramatic fashion, the Nationals’ odds to win the NL went from +740 to +470.

Sep. 30: St Louis hung onto win the NL Central and their pennant odds got a boost because of it (+590 to +560), while the Brewers, relegated to facing Max Scherzer in the Wild Card game (Oct. 1), fell from +820 to +1100.

Sep. 27: The Cardinals (+590) and Brewers (+820) are separated by just one game at the top of the Central. Winning the division would be a huge boost in their quests for the NL Pennant.

Sep. 23: The playoff picture is all but finalized. The Dodgers (-120) and Braves (+300) have clinched their divisions; the Cardinals (+560) are going to win the Central, and the Nats (+870) and Brewers (+1000) will play in the Wild Card, home-field TBD.

Sep. 9: The Diamondbacks refuse to go away in the NL Wild Card race. Just two games behind the Cubs, Arizona’s pennant odds have gone from +7000 to +4500 to +2700 in the last two weeks.

Sep. 3: The playoff field may be set in the NL with the Cubs holding a 2.5-game lead on the Phillies for the final Wild Card with about 25 games left to play. After Chicago (+1100) there’s a steep drop in the odds to the Phillies (+2200) and Mets (+2400).

Aug. 26: The Nationals continue their steady assault on the odds, this time improving from +940 to +730.

Aug. 19: The Nationals (+940) have overtaken the Cubs (+1000) for third-best odds in the NL, despite still having the worst bullpen in the entire Majors.

Aug. 9: Meet the Mets, apparently a 2019 NL Pennant contender; the Loveable Losers have gone from +2100 in June to +10100 in July and now back to  +1900 as of August 9th.

Aug. 2: Shoring up their awful bullpen at the trade deadline led to the Braves gaining ground on the Dodgers, going from +440 to +340.

Jul. 29: The Giants are still hot and rising up the odds, accordingly, going from +43000 to +6900 to +3200 over the last three weeks.

Jul. 19:  The gap between second (Atlanta, +410) and third (Chicago, +750) is considerably tighter than at last check, while LAD remains +120 chalk.

Jul. 9: Despite the Nationals closing the gap in the NL East to six games, the Braves remain entrenched in second in the NL Pennant odds at +360. The third team is the Cubs all the way back at +850.

Jul. 4: The NL is shaping up as Dodgers vs the Field. LA is almost even money (+110). The Field is about 11 teams deep. Only the Mets, Giants, and Marlins truly look out of it.

Jun. 21: The Phillies have seen their NL Pennant odds go from +560 on June 13th to +660 on June 21st after losing eight of their last 10 games.

Jun. 13: The Baby Braves are looking mighty grown up this season. Atlanta has seen its NL Pennant odds improve from +850 on June 3rd to +680 on June 13th.

Jun. 3: The Rockies are the biggest risers in the NL, going from +3400 to +1700 thanks to an eight-game win streak; but their division nemesis, the LA Dodgers, just refuse to lose, and are now a short +150, on average.

May 22: The St. Louis Cardinals have dropped out of the top five after losing seven of their last 10.

May 6: The Cubs have seen their odds improve significantly thanks to a stellar seven-game winning streak.

Mar. 12: The Dodgers opened with the shortest odds to win the NL pennant for a third straight year, but the Phillies aren’t far behind after signing Bryce Harper to a gargantuan 13-year, $330 million contract in late February.

National League Pennant Odds at BetOnline

Team 2019 NL Pennant Odds at BetOnline
Los Angeles Dodgers +100
Washington Nationals +325
Atlanta Braves +450
St. Louis Cardinals +450

Odds last collected Oct. 8, 2019.

Past 10 National League Pennant Winners

Year Team Record
2018 Los Angeles Dodgers 92-71
2017 Los Angeles Dodgers 104-58
2016 Chicago Cubs 103-58
2015 New York Mets 90-72
2014 San Francisco Giants 88-74
2013 St. Louis Cardinals 97-65
2012 San Francisco Giants 94-68
2011 St. Louis Cardinals 90-72
2010 San Francisco Giants 92-70
2009 Philadelphia Phillies 93-69

The Dodgers and Giants have combined to win 32% of all the National League pennants awarded, with each club claiming 23 apiece. Although both clubs have had their fair share of success, LA has had more luck recently, winning back-to-back pennants in 2017 and 2018.

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