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2021 NBA Eastern and Western Conference Odds Tracker

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We’ve been tracking each team’s odds of winning the NBA’s Eastern and Western Conference Championships and have included the data below.

The graphs have been generated by averaging the odds from multiple online sportsbooks to give you a better sense of each team’s probability of coming out on top. Bookmark this page and visit it often to see how the odds ebb and flow during the 2020-21 NBA season.

2021 Eastern Conference Odds

  • [June 28] With a comeback win in Game 3 now sitting in their back pockets, the Bucks are now -2000 favorites to advance to the Finals
  • [June 24] After their stunning Game 1 win in which Trae Young dropped 48 points, the Hawks are now +170 favorites to advance to the Finals
  • [June 20] With the 76ers stunning collapse against the Hawks now complete, the Bucks have opened as sizeable favorites against Trae Young in the Conference Finals
  • [June 18] After forcing a Game 7 against the Nets, Milwaukee has seen their odds shorten back to +175 to win the East at DraftKings
  • [June 14] With uncertainty around Kyrie Irving’s injury, the Nets are no longer odds-on favorites to win the Eastern Conference
  • [June 8] After a dominant start to their series against the Bucks, Brooklyn has shifted to heavy odds-on favorites to emerge from the Eastern Conference
  • [June 3] Coinciding with the elimination of the Wizards and Knicks, the Nets odds to win the East have shortened to -143
  • [June 2] With uncertainty over the status of Joel Embiid and his knee, the Sixers odds to come out of the East have faded to +400
  • [May 31] After sweeping away and eliminating the Miami Heat, the Milwaukee Bucks odds to win the East have shortened to +250
  • [May 25] Now down 0-2 to the Bucks after a blowout loss in Game 2, the Miami Heat have seen their odds fade to +8000 — tied for last in the East
  • [May 21] The Nets are +110 to come out of the East entering the playoffs, with the Sixers and the Bucks top challengers at odds of +300, and +325, respectively
  • [May 12] The Sixers odds have shortened to be even with Milwaukee’s at DraftKings, now both at odds of +325 to come out of the East
  • [May 6] The Nets remain odds-on favorites with the regular season winding down
  • [April 23] After dismantling the 76ers on Thursday night, the Bucks have inched back ahead of Philadelphia in average odds to come out of the East
  • [April 14] While they still haven’t played together for an extended run, Kevin Durant, James Harden and Kyrie Irving’s Brooklyn Nets are now odds-on favorites to come out of the East, at odds of -111
  • [March 25] No major movement in the East following the deadline, while the Bulls average odds improved after the acquisition of Nikola Vucevic from Orlando
  • [March 23] Despite losing their ninth straight to Houston on Monday night (who broke their own 20 games skid), the Raptors odds to win the East still sit as low as +1850 on average
  • [March 16] Embiid’s knee bruise hasn’t affected Philly’s odds, as the Sixers remain +525 on average
  • [March 10] Boston sits just above .500, and has seen their odds to come out of the East fade to +1200 on average
  • [March 4] There’s not much movement at the top of the conference, but Washington’s resurgence has improved their odds from a distant +22000, to a now slightly less distant +10750
  • [February 25] Philly’s improvement in the market was short lived, as they’ve faded back to an average price of +565. The Nets odds have improved to +140, on average
  • [February 18] The Sixers are still holding onto the top spot in the East standings, and their odds to win the conference have improved to an average of +325
  • [February 9] The Miami Heat still haven’t broken out of their funk, now at odds of +1100 to win the East as they still are sitting in 12th place
  • [February 2] Joel Embiid has been dominant for the Sixers so far this season, and Philly’s odds have improved to +588
  • [January 26] The Bucks and Nets arguably had the game of the season so far early last week, and the ECF potential preview was attractive to viewers. Both remain favorites to come out of the East
  • [January 14] The Nets are now +130 favorites in the Eastern Conference after trading for James Harden from Houston. With the acquisition of Caris LeVert in the Harden deal, the Pacers have also seen their average odds improve to +1600
  • [January 5] A strong start for the Pacers have vaulted them towards contenders in the East, at average odds of +2750
  • [December 24] Despite Boston’s thriller of a win over Milwaukee on Wednesday night, the Miami Heat have overtaken them as third favorites in conference, at odds of +625
  • [December 16] The Boston Celtics have seen their odds to win the East slightly fade, to +625 with a week to go until the season tips off
  • [December 3] Despite Westbrook forming one of the best backcourts in the conference with Bradley Beal, the Wizards average odds to win the East only improved to +5250 to +6250
  • [November 19] With speculation the Nets could be acquiring James Harden to pair with Kyrie Irving and Kevin Durant, Brookyln’s odds have slightly shortened to +272
  • Despite another early playoff exit, Giannis Antetokounmpo and the Milwaukee Bucks are +200 favorites to win the East in ’21

Odds to Win the Eastern Conference

Team 2021 Eastern Conference Odds
Milwaukee Bucks -2000
Atlanta Hawks +900

*All odds as of June 28th at DraftKings

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Past 10 Eastern Conference Champions

Year Team Record
2020 Miami Heat 44-29
2019 Toronto Raptors 58-24
2018 Cleveland Cavaliers 50-32
2017 Cleveland Cavaliers 51-31
2016 Cleveland Cavaliers 57-25
2015 Cleveland Cavaliers 53-29
2014 Miami Heat 54-28
2013 Miami Heat 66-16
2012 Miami Heat 46-20
2011 Miami Heat 58-24

The Celtics haven’t made it to the NBA Finals lately, but they remain head and shoulder above the rest of the East with 21 Eastern Conference Championship titles. Boston appeared in 10 consecutive championship series from 1957 to 1966.

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2021 Western Conference Odds

  • [June 29] After staving off elimination in Game 5, the Clippers odds to win the series have shortened some back to +360
  • [June 28] With LAC on the brink of elimination in Phoenix tonight, they have long +1400 odds to come back from a 3-1 deficit and win this series.
  • [June 25] The Clippers are back in the series with a win at Staples Center, and saw their odds improve to +350
  • [June 23] After taking a 2-0 series lead, the Suns are whopping -910 favorites at DraftKings
  • [June 20] Devin Booker lodged his first career triple-double as the Suns overcame the loss of Chris Paul to safety protocols in a Game 1 win over Clippers
  • [June 18] With both the Clippers and Jazz nursing injuries to their top players, the Suns are now odds-on favorites to come out of the West
  • [June 14] After punching their ticket to the conference finals, the Phoenix Suns have seen their odds shorten to just behind the Jazz – who are the favorites
  • [June 8] Phoenix’s odds to win the West continue shortening punctuated by their Game 1 win against Denver – now at +250
  • [June 4] The Suns and Nuggets both saw their odds to win the West shorten after ending their series in six games on Thursday night
  • [June 2] Utah is now the favorite at the sportsbooks to come out of the West after the Lakers fell behind to the Suns
  • [May 31] With the return of Donovan Mitchell to the court for the Jazz, Utah’s odds to win the West have shortened to +210 – tied with the Lakers for top in the conference
  • [May 25] The odds to win the West are fairly bunched up, but the Grizzlies shortened to +3000 after their Game 1 upset against Utah on Sunday night
  • [May 21] Although they are officially into the postseason as the #7 seed, LeBron James and the Lakers are +200 favorites to win the West. The Clippers are +240 while the top seeded Jazz are +375
  • [May 12] Despite likely having to face the Warriors in the play-in tournament, the Lakers odds to win the West remain the favorite, at +200
  • [May 6] The Suns odds to win the West have shortened from +650 to +900 at DraftKings
  • [April 23] Utah continues to see their odds improve as the playoffs approach
  • [April 14] Despite the Lakers sliding in the stands as they chug along without Anthony Davis and LeBron James, they remain +173 favorites to come out of the West. Denver has slid to +1800 with Jamal Murray’s injury and Phoenix has risen into the top four, at average odds of +1050
  • [March 25] With the Nuggets acquisition of Aaron Gordon, their average odds have shortened now to +1050 as they continually creep closer to the top temas
  • [March 23] Although LeBron now joins AD on the shelf due to his high ankle sprain, the Lakers remain frontrunner to win the West at average odds of +130
  • [March 16] No change in the WCF odds, with the Lakers and Clippers remaining frontrunners
  • [March 10] Despite Phoenix’s continued success, the books still have them at average odds of +1350 to come out of the West
  • [March 4] The Suns currently sit 2nd in the West, but their odds aren’t as bullish, as on average Phoenix has only improved to a price of +1650
  • [February 25] Utah’s only lost once in February, but the market still doesn’t believe in them emerging from the West, as their odds have only shortened to +475 following Wednesday’s beatdown of the Lakers
  • [February 18] Despite an NBA-best record and wins over the league’s elite in the last week, the books still aren’t sold on the Jazz overcoming the LA teams, as their odds are just +525 to win the conference
  • [February 9] The Mavericks haven’t been able to live up to the lofty preseason hype, and now sit at average odds of +2200
  • [February 2] Utah has won 11 of 12 games, and have seen their odds improve to +850. The Nuggets – the one team to take Utah out during their streak – are now at odds of +1100 to come out of the West
  • [January 26] The Jazz have won eight in a row and are seeing their odds to win the West steadily improved, now at +1000
  • [January 14] Houston is likely out of the race with Harden gone, and the Lakers remain favorites at +125 as LeBron James looks unstoppable
  • [January 5] The Rockets odds keep plummeting, now at an average of +3950
  • [December 24] The Suns new All-Star duo of Chris Paul and Devin Booker looked good in a win over the Mavericks, and their odds to come out of the West shortened to +2550 as a result
  • [December 16] With a few preseason games under the belts of teams across the league, the Phoenix Suns have seen their odds to win the West slightly fade to +2900
  • [December 3] As John Wall joins James Harden and his former Kentucky teammate DeMarcus Cousins in Houston, the Rockets average odds to win the West have fallen to +3300 to +2000
  • [November 19] With the acquisition of Chris Paul, the Suns have shortened to odds of +2000 to win the West next season
  • LeBron James and the Lakers are favorites to repeat as Western Conference champions next season

Odds to Win the Western Conference

Team 2021 Western Conference Odds
Phoenix Suns -500
Los Angeles Clippers +360


Past 10 Western Conference Champions

Year Team Record
2020 Los Angeles Lakers 52-19
2019 Golden State Warriors 57-25
2018 Golden State Warriors 58-24
2017 Golden State Warriors 67-15
2016 Golden State Warriors 73-9
2015 Golden State Warriors 67-15
2014 San Antonio Spurs 62-20
2013 San Antonio Spurs 58-24
2012 Oklahoma City Thunder 47-19
2011 Dallas Mavericks 57-25

The Warriors have been NBA Finals fixtures lately, but their eight Western Conference Championship titles pale in comparison to the 31 won by the Lakers during their time in Minneapolis and Los Angeles.

Archived NBA Conference Odds: 2020


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